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  • Hello. One of my eggs match your SV. I can offer a 4IV shiny Aron if you can hatch my egg. Let me once you're on. :)
    hi I should be around most of the time til the 11th. Then I won't be back til the 17th. By any chance do you have normal arons, and do they have egg moves?
    Hi Cassie, i have a SV 3235 matching your profile. Could you please hatch my egg? much appreciated ^^
    hi I have an egg with SV 3255, can u help me hatch it please?
    sure. Do you mind getting on #smogonwifi irc?
    thanks I will be there
    Hi Cassie, will you be able to help me out with these pokemon? I do not need them to be trained but need 31 ivs in all stats except attack in the case of cress, heatran and thundy.

    Metagross (or beldum)- Adamant nature
    Thundurus- Timid nature
    Cressalia- Calm nature
    Breloom (with bullet seed and spore, or shroomish with bullet seed) -Jolly nature
    Heatran- Modest nature
    Terrakion- Jolly nature

    Thanks for your time
    Hi Cassie, hoping you can help us out with some pokemon for the UK VGC?

    Hitmontop (w/Mach Punch)
    Lucario (w/Bullet Punch)
    Whimsicott (w/Encore)

    Let us know
    Hi Cassie, I'm looking for pokemon to use in the Spring Regionals. I only need correct IV's, I plan on training the Pokemon myself. What I'm looking for is:

    Modest Tynamo
    Adamant Larvitar
    Jolly Gible
    Adamant Drilbur ~ Sand Rush
    Adamant Gligar ~ Sand Veil
    Timid Gastly

    Please reply back to me if you can help me out, thanks for your time!
    hey, I heard you're the right person to ask for mons. I'm looking for some mons. Please reply back to me if you're interested in helping me out. Thanks :D
    Hey Cassie, I'm looking for some pokemon to use in the upcoming regionals and local tournament using VGC rules.

    Would it be possible for me to get your:

    #145 Zapdos ★ @ Sitrus Berry
    Modest - Pressure
    EVs: 140 HP / 252 SpA / 116 Speed
    Tailwind - Heat Wave - Hidden Power Ice - Thunderbolt

    #381 Latios @ Dragon Gem
    Timid - Levitate
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Speed
    Psyshock - Tailwind - Protect - Draco Meteor

    Unfortunately I do not actively breed my own pokemon, so the only things I have to offer are my VGC 2011 regionals and nationals teams. I hope that is enough
    Somebody linked me to your page saying you might be able to help me get a Rotom for my Soul Silver game. Is this true? If not I'm sorry for having bothered you.
    Alright then. I might stop by and even set up a shop to help others with their VGC needs should there be a wifi section. Until then, we'll all miss you.
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