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  • I guess the ridiculous flinch hax made up for it. But that last crit on Vappy sealed my fate. I'm not sure if it mattered though, I'm gonna check right now.

    Thanks for the game yesterday, and also, thanks for telling me about my team was good so I don't have to be paranoid about switching stuff around.
    Good game, I feel kinda silly though because up until this match I had a lum berry on empoleon to keep this kind of thing from happening but I replaced it with a focus sash cause I didn't wanna have to switch out of infernape and metagross all the time.
    Lol, you completely swept me with a non-offensive Pokemon! Good battle, I had a great time.
    Sorry for cutting the match short but I have to go eat. We should rematch another time.
    Well, I didn't shut it down in time and paid for it. GG dude. About Sciz, max attack/nature/metal coat. Dunno what you're talking about band damage.
    Errr... I didn't see you replying to my post, but if you want to battle, we can do it.
    GG Dude,I accept with pleasure your suggestion, although I played really very badly ;D
    Thanks. I'm still trying stuff out with it. Yeah, I was screwed after I let cressy get all those Calm Minds. GG. Thats my first loss with my team. I do need to find an easier way to baton pass Ninjask to Breloom though . . .

    Thanks for the battle!
    When I saw your roserade was faster than my "supposed" Uxie I was too like wtf?!
    That completely changed my strategie, cuz I was playing as if yours was Scarfed
    Hope to battle again =)
    GG =)
    I don't think that hax have been THAT influent, but yeah, the crit was a fine one =)
    Notice that I put the wrong item on my uxie...LOL
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