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  • hello your sv matches a mio Might egg out for me I'll give you one poke with 4 ivs
    Sure man. My FC: 4656-6616-8237 IGN: Byansk
    Add me and trade when you see me online =)
    Hey Byansk I keep missing you everytime your on smogon haha. Will you be available to trade soon? I've added you already so whenever you hop on your DS let me know.
    Hi Byansk, I have an Riolu egg with EVS 3500.
    Would you mind hatching it for me?
    Exept this one I don´t have any other flawless pokémon, but I could give you an Riolu egg with 5 IV (no Sp.Att) and jolly nature.
    The ESV of this one is 452.

    ps: sry, my english isn´t that well -.-

    greetings from germany
    Hey man, I have a honedge egg with SV 3500. Would you be willing to hatch it for me? I don't have any amazing flawless pokemon at the moment, but I could give you a 4 IV larvitar with 4 egg moves and an Adamant nature.
    Sure. PM me you FC (Mine is 4656-6616-8237)
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