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  • Thanks! (:
    I will. ^^ I'll also post the IVs at Lv 100 when I can migrate it.
    We will see.. (;
    No, it was stuck in a game where I had no means of pal parking, but I discovered the GBA back-up tool so that changed and it kept Serene Grace <3.
    Clear, it looks like my togekiss has some competition^^.
    Still the slowest, I think I'm going to play through XD again...
    Yeah I was doing this since yesterday (: and already up to 76, ill be done by noon at most and continue with other resets later. Oh, and ill PM you about the pokes since i haven't had much time to purify things.
    sorry for the message below lol...mistake. but yeah, ill pm you a list of all my XD stuff with confirmed IV's as i get through try to catch me on AIM to trade^^
    Mence i don't know about honestly /: i might do it later on if i honestly have that much time lol.
    yep mime premier,Swellow:great ball and e buzz ultra/premier assuming i at least get a good one of either two.
    Well, I just saw my flawless spread is on Emerald, but mew can only be caught on Emerald. And I just did a speed test, and I found out I can do 29000 frame every minute. (that's about 8 minutes in RNG reporter)
    Ok =)
    Need to wait for one call to get a quiet shiny t-tar and I just got the last call for my shiny Jolly spread =)
    Hi clearing
    iirc, you dont have to acept those idiot calls. You can ignore them that's what happened when my dsi was on in the night but i accepted all calls to make sure i wouldnt misss à call

    ok didnt know that, thanks!

    Well i havent done THE mews because i found à flawless shiny spread
    but that's on ruby so i need to hit à seed close to THE frame.
    Yeah, well you need Kazo's frame finder and Desmume emulator, then it a piece of cake =) Only fishing with a Rod is not working, but probably I missed my frame somehow.

    Yeah, I know, but I wanted to be sure that he understands it correctly =)
    Well, I've noticed that headbutting a tree advances the frame by 3 instead of 2.
    As for Hoenn sound, you just need to change the day to wednesday (hoenn) or thursday (sinnoh) and click the upper-left button on the radio when you're next to your target frame (minus 2 frames) and then use sweet scent.
    I was using slot 1 for both.
    My bad! I missed the K in the "pic" I mean when can I pick the pokes that you owe me xP
    I was waiting for you to call me and pic the pokes that you owe me but i guess that if i keep waiting that wont happen xD sooooo where are my pokes :)?
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