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  • Okay, I have some changes for you to make in the thread, after that consider it stamped.
    Well fix the format and all and I'll look at it again after you do that. I have to test a couple of things for that too but that shouldn't take long.
    Yeah if you dont finish before you go on vacation I'll try to make sure you don't lose Vanillite while you're gone. You've probably learned a lot through the process too.

    Edit: There's also a post I made to help you out with formatting and such, you can ask me if you have any questions about that.
    hey my bad i got it backwards 10 a.m my time is 6 a.m your time

    just pm me whenever you get on
    I'm assuming your username/avatar is a reference to Howl's Moving Castle? If so, you are so win. :)
    ya i will try and wake up, but i'm EST so 10 a.m for you is 6 a.m for me. i will try and get up around 10 a.m my time
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