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  • Probably a late thank-you note for joining the GP team and helping clear through some work, but otherwise, yeah. I don't know what happen to my available time these days and it's nice to see some new GPers here! Keep up the great work! =D
    fuck you pokemaster you're a fucking (BAN ME PLEASE) and you need to chill out. you aren't even a good editor and your suggestions suck cock.
    Just wanted to let you know that you should update Hydreigon / Sazandora with the gp check approved by Zystral so we can go ahead and give this thing its second gp check.
    If they are indeed finished, you should change the prefix to 'DONE'.

    Once you have done that, I can mark them as finished in the index.
    Why did you send me a friend request? I'm just curious. Did you talk to me using an alt?
    Just asking, have you implemented jc104's grammar check into your Borutorosu/Thundurus analysis? If so, please change the tag to DONE (and also you should change all the names of 5th Gen Pokemon to their Anglicised versions) so that I can label it in the index as 'Finished'.
    Alright, I'll try to be on between 12-1pm on Saturday (and for any weekday for that matter, if you can be on at that time).
    LOL That happens with my Zelda Oracle of Seasons in VBA. Exacly, after you pass the graveyard.

    LOL. I'll start studying this week (sad)...
    In Brazil, we study from February to December, with 3 weeks of vacations in July.

    Using R4? My R4 freezes when I play Heroes of Mana and Yu Gi Oh Nightmare Troubador.
    Thanks. I wonder too.

    My finals are only in December LOL

    Mario is good. I've been playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games and Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. Really good games.
    Study in January must be bad... I'll start studying only in February.

    All my analysis are finished with exception of Rotom-S, but all sets are done (RestTalk, SubPS and Sub+Charge Beam sucks). Surprisingly well, the Annoyer and Status Plataform do good in this metagame. I shall finish today or tomorrow.

    A quick note: It seems that only Iconic is giving QC stamps lately. Too bad that Shiftry (that only need one more stamp) was already stamped by him LOL
    Not going to lie. If your Borutorosu analysis needed 4 GP stamps, mine analysis will need at least 15. English is very difficult for me. I think I'll get even GP rejected :)
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