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  • I was online from 4pm - 11pm yesterday, if i'm not on smogon forums at that time i'm on PO server, today if Friday for me so i can stay up later if it suits you. (don't really want to stay up after 4am though)
    I'm GMT +13 and should be available most of Sunday to play, lets hope we catch each other on sometime. gl
    Already accepted, I just tend to want to know people before they I ask a friend request. It's not a necessity, and I think your way is a really great way to know people.
    just take the win tbh, i have no real motivation for this tourney and im pretty busy atm
    i am gmt timezone, i have exams for thenext 2 weeks and can only get on friday or saturday evening
    That's fine. I wasn't exactly going to win with a Zebstrika, Stantler and Eelektross!
    You can have the win, you'll likely get further than me anyway.
    Yep, you may have to wait a while, I have band that lasts until 6, so I may be a little late to clean up some stuff.
    Sorry, I was helping a neighbor and it took longer than we had planned. I'm free right now, if you're still up. Otherwise, I still have the same time slot free tomorrow. Should we shoot for 9pm your time tomorrow?
    Captain, I might not be able to make it tonight until a BIT later. I may be able to be here by about 9-9:30 your time, but if I can't get on soon enough, is 10pm (your time) possible too?
    I was heading out just as I sent that. Yeah, I would be free at about 3:30pm my time/8:30pm your time, but I won't have much time before I'd have to leave for the holiday weekend. I don't think my family will be able to wait for me until you're finished working. So, if we can't catch each other tomorrow, I'll be gone until early Monday afternoon. Once I get back, I'll have some free time every day until the deadline. What is your availability Monday and Tuesday? On Monday, I can make time to battle anytime after 4pm my time (9pm your time) and the same time on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I have no obligations at all, as of now.
    I'm actually just about to head out right now. Hmm, I work till about 3:30pm (GMT-5). Do you have any time available after that?
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