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  • I have the Zapdos ready; let me know when you can trade. :)
    Hey! Sorry I'm still trying to find someone to clone my virizion unfortunately.
    Thanks so much for your help, I'll be glad to let you know if I need another BP. And I'll be happy to be a back-up tutor if you need something, gimme a holler. :3
    It's fine! I have an AR, no resource is non-expendable. Especially BP and TMS. I'll just conjure another one if I ever need it. (Doesn't use Roost TMs usually)
    Finished with Scizor...spent a few minutes looking for Roost on the tutor's pages...only to remember it was a TM. That I luckily had one of. :3 Coming back.
    These three Bunearies are a team my friend has used in the past to curbstomp non-competitive friends off-Smogon. I thought I would get a team for myself of IV bred ones and curbstomp him with them. >:3 So evil.
    It amuses me, especially since Pikachu was from a Leaf Green run and I went through the whole game with it named that...Plus I think every Pokemon deserves a special name. ;3
    That's okay, we just kept missing each other. I knew I'd have to stay up late to catch you, because of that blatant time difference.
    No, it's another one. My HG is the one with the tutoring capabilities, and I don't have it listed. *Is looking through games now*
    What is your FC? I will have to get mine but I don't have it on hand now and my computer is going to die. D:
    Awesome! I have class until 5:30pm EST, so I'll be home around 6PM. Hopefully we can trade then. ;3
    Oh sure! No problem. :3 Just lemme know when you ready for me to tutor it, I'm working on homework now but I should be done soon. :3
    Yeah, that's just the FINISHED moveset, if it's a TM or Tutor move, I can do it. Yeah, the only thing I CAN'T do is RNG IVs. So if you could make me a flawless, female Lopunny with the below stats and preferably the ability Cute Charm, I would appreciate it. :3
    This is the one TheGoldenBurrito couldn't do, cause he can't RNG on HG/SS:
    Shiny Lopunny:
    Nature: Impish
    Moveset: Drain Punch, Substitute, Toxic, and Flail (HG/SS only egg move)
    IVs: As close to flawless as possible.
    Sorry, I have to go to my cousin's house lol. :x

    Maybe tomorrow? xD
    Well anyways, I'm back from school and have a small amount of HW, so if you had no luck yesterday I can help today! :D
    Lol I see. Well Iirc, once you find a seed and a PID frame that you want for that seed, you open up PBox and you paste the seed somewhere there, and then you put the frame you want. After that I think you just generate seeds, pick one you like, and hit the seed.

    Also, when you generate seeds in PBox, it should tell you your starting frame (initial frame) and your target frame. To advance the ID frame, you have to say "No" when Prof. asks you about your name (If you say no about gender, it won't advance). That advances the frame by 1. Since PBox should tell you your initial frame, it should be easy to get your ID! I hope that made sense lol.
    Hey Caruto! :)

    And, of course I can help you! But not today, I have to go to bed soon lol. If you don't succeed by tomorrow, I'll help you then.

    Basically you just need to find a Non C-Gear seed with the (IV) Frame and IVs you want. Then post the seed into RNG Reporter and pick Method 5 PID RNG. Calculate the starting frame, and find a PID frame with the Encounter Slot, Gender, Ability, etc. Then go to 5th Gen. Tools and open Pandora's box. After that... I forget since I haven't used PBox in a while so I forgot where everything is lol.
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