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  • Yeah I have them in 5th gen already. When would you like to trade?
    That's good enough for me. I have both variants of the Dusclops in 4th and 5th gen at lv 37 knowing DynamicPunch/Body Slam/Seismic Toss/Pain Split. I'm going to be out a lot of today though so you may not catch me today.
    Alright let me know when you have my BP done and we can trade. I'm going to evolve it and teach it DynamicPunch/Seismic Toss/Body Slam/ uh... Pain Split (I wanted it in 3rd gen for me as well, although I'm keeping mine a Dusclops).
    Well if you plan on evolving it to a Dusknoir in 5th gen I wouldn't have to rename it. Or do you plan on evolving it in 4th gen? I'd rather have a "DUSCLOPS" than a Dusclops named "Dusknoir"...
    Do you want DynamicPunch on it? If so I'd have to evolve it to a Dusclops and then give it a nickname if you don't want an all caps name (meaning that you shouldn't evolve it to a Dusknoir).

    Other than that I'm done the BP. I have to tutor it some moves and Pal Park it. Also, do you want it in 4th gen or 5th gen?
    Ok good luck. I'm hoping to have my project done by tomorrow but as long as I keep getting trolled by the wait time well... Current IV spread is 31/31/31/30/31/0 and the egg is already set to be male relaxed and it will already know Pain Split. But if I keep getting split spreads the SpAtk IV may change.

    Edit: Oh and when it's done please RC it so it evolves so you can see it having the DW ability as Starly has Keen Eye for all of it's abilities, only changing once it evolves.
    Ok I'll be on WiFi in 5th gen in a minute with the parent.

    Edit: Parent is Male Adamant 1/31/19/6/28/31 and has all the moves that I requested.

    Progress is being made on your BP as I was given an excellent parent.
    Sure. Actually I bred a better parent for the BP so I'll trade that to you instead. I'll be on WiFi after I go eat, and I'll tell you the exact IVs then.

    I would prefer shinyness for it as well.
    Sorry I don't have time to trade now. I'll probably breed a better parent with all 3 moves for tomorrow.
    Ok in return for the Duskull I would like your shiny Adamant Phanphy and a 5th gen BP (w/ semi-redis rights for me). The BP is an Adamant DW Starly w/ egg moves Double-Edge/Roost/Pursuit. I'll provide a parent with all 3 moves since it requires 3rd gen to get all 3 of them on one pokemon (a male Spearow w/ 31 in HP :/). Would you like the Spearow now so you can begin?

    Oh and just so you know the egg will have to be hatched on an emulator because I can't RNG the ID/SID on a retail cart. The Duskull itself will be done on a retail Emerald cart though.
    Oh I can do 31/31/31/21/31/0 instead. I misread that. I just assumed that you wanted it in SpAtk. I don't think I have the parents for that though... bleh.
    Yeah if you don't need Pain Split in 3rd gen I already have a male parent with 31 in SpAtk and SpDef meaning that I only need a female Duskull w/ 0 in Speed (preferably Relaxed) for a 31/4/31/31/31/0 spread. I won't be able to do a 31/31/31/31/31/0 spread though as I prefer to breed on a retail cart, leaving the emulator part for the save with the right ID/SID to hatch. I'd have to wait almost an hour to hit such a spread so yeah.
    I will think about it for now. I'm doing a 3rd gen RNG breed for myself atm but this one would take a bit longer since I don't have any parents for it I think... I may have one but I can't say for sure.

    Also, Pain Split can be tutored to it in HG/SS.
    I see... You cannot RNG for the PID in 3rd gen though. I would have to trade the egg to a save that has the right ID/SID combo and hatch it there. I don't suppose you know how to RNG for the SID in Emerald do you? If not I'll have to do it so tell me the OT name that you would like.
    I may be able to help you out with your 3rd gen BP depending on what you have to offer.
    Your welcome, I don't know why but I've always liked using Cradily for battles.
    Hey, can you trade now? My FC is in my sig. I copied yours so just message me when your ready and I'll enter the room.
    and lol, sorry i forgot that icbb took away my sig
    and im not icbb for ripping people off, hacking etc, it for being a sore loser at vgc 9.9
    I should have them ready in a few days, I will VM you when I have them
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