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  • Sorry I forgot this. Welcome to Team Rocket Corporation. Make sure to be active and lost there.

    Btw pretty exciting about that Announcment tomorrow.
    To be completely honest about all the writing on the Wedlocke thread, I copy/pasted it from his rules video lol. i wrote the first little part and last little part though, lol.
    "Edit: How do you get single posts? I'm trying for links to my updates in my signature (more for me than anyone else so I can always have the restrictions up! XD) but I tried lots of things and it didn't work! :/ I could be able to do a compendium, but I can't get the numbers to link onto anything! :( "

    1. On the top right of each corner is a post number. Click on it. It should open up a new tab with the single post.
    2. Click on that tab & copy the URL.
    3. Link as normal.

    Hope it helps! :)
    You really shouldn't ask for that guy for help... I mean, he's not the ultimate authority on RU to say the least <_<

    And why do you run Protect on Moltres? It's 1 turn. And you might think it's "stalling." But, if you think logically, that turn means nothing happens, no side benefitted. You're making a move that benefits no one at a cost of a valuable moveslot that could give you more coverage.

    Just sayin'
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