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  • My biggest fear is probably that I won't get a job teaching ;-;

    Have you made a thread for your photography in Smeargles? I think you should if you haven't!
    I'd call myself a casual gamer, though I'm a completionist, so when I play I gotta 100% it, so I consider it a hobby. I also love suntanning, reading, playing tennis, biking.

    What about you, any hobbies?
    i wouldn't say fluent more if i were to get dropped in the middle of france i know enough that i wouldn't starve. and no, don't really know anything about any other languages lol

    what about you, any other languages apart from english? have you traveled outside of the u.s.?
    my parents are really good with money so i've been able to just focus on school, though i did work in high school for 3 years before going to college to build up some money and so i could go to France with the French class i was in

    so yeah i'm pretty lucky i don't also have to keep a job in mind while i'm in school

    what about you, where are you working and do you like it?
    That's cool :>

    I'm going to UWMadison to be a social studies teacher. I think I like the people the most, I've made a lot of really good friends.

    Any idea on what you seem to like so far at CC?
    going to florida in a couple weeks B) also taking a summer class later this summer (boo), otherwise not much

    what you doing over the summer? didn't know you were in college too, where do you go?
    I'm doing really good, I'm all finished for this semester so that's nice :> ~summertime~

    How are youuu doing?
    I need to see that movie so badly ;__;

    beautiful quote and so fitting, thanks for sharing. <3
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