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  • Not sure on hotel yet but you should be able to split costs with Mark and Jason I assume if you get in contact with them! You may be staying longer though? Check out Air Canada today because they have a sale ending today with the lowest prices I usually see for YVR <-> YYZ. Comes out to about $530 a person ($185 base fare each way). Normally its $550 on sale flights.
    You brought up several interesting points that never occurred to me: you don't just stick with one team/set up, you use the battle tower to experiment with different plans and techniques, and you anticipate failure. I don't think I realized I could play from that perspective: for one thing it took a long time to set up my team that I just stuck with it w/o considering experimenting with other teams. I've also never tried to take a "if i try this option, what would happen" kind of outlook because I thought that would probably put back to square one. However by accepting I may screw up sooner or later it makes the choice worth taking. I'm not sure how I missed that ;)
    Hi, i've noticed the numerous posts of your BT accomplishments, and I gotta admit i'm shocked at how quick and how long you'd last at one time. for one thing I've found the BT to be a towering and steep moutain to cross and yet i get the impression you can and have glided through it with ease. Based on your previous advice I was able to find where i need to change, particularly the nature, however I must ask how is it you manage to continue past 200 and the depression that follows a loss that could've been avoided. I tried asking on the thread but i think they delete posts that don't applaud or update ;)
    Yes, I have the giggity's (haha). I felt bad because I promised them for several people but never found the time to give it to them. I can trade it to you whenever you are available, but I'll be available tomorrow for most of the day after 4:00 Pm EST.
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