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  • Lol don't worry, he was too lazy to post it last night so the way i see it it doesn't matter
    GMT +8 here, um well Eastern times are bad for me because they happen to be in the morning(9.30pm EST = 7.30 my time iirc) and now that its January I will have to go to school. I'm not sure if you'll be free in your own mornings? If you are I can actually arrange it or else it might be pretty difficult
    From what I remember, they were to balance out his defenses in order to take some Special Attacks while being able to live Darm's Flare Blitz.

    Camerupt really didnt pan out anyways.
    <3 It's okay! I like your arguments :) I had fun posting them too

    Snorlax and P2 are really good special walls/tanks, I concede, but I don't understand why anybody would use Umbreon?

    Nobody runs taunt on it, Monodark is horrible coverage, Toxic is quite a joke, Setup by the likes of Scrafty(!),Toxicroak(?), too many to name, apart from being a great ghost counter it is a sitting duck(fox?). Why do people use it? Please enlighten me again :o
    Well, the goal is to make a definitive argument about why one team will win. I mean it doesn't have to be suspect paragraphs, but it should be somewhat rigorous and logically sound.
    my gf bought the entire series box set recently. i'm super excited to dig into it, i haven't watched intently in a long time.
    I would like to personally appologise for the subpar post in the Analysis section and tell you that I was pressed for time and needed to get my ideas up while they were still fresh in my mind. I have played extensively with Cresselia and I am going to edit the post to be far more thorough when I have the free time (Most likely tomorrow or sometime during the following week)

    I realize that the number of subpar posts in this area probably outnumber the great and insightful posts with ease, so I understand your frustration with this post. But I assure you that it was not intentional and that it will be remedied with all available speed.

    Sorry once more and I hope that you can move past this slight bump in the road and let me fix my mistake.

    Hopping for the best.
    Notelobo, aspiring UU player.
    D'you mind if I make a warstory about our decently recent battle? I might not ever get around to posting it, though, as I have a couple of seriously close matches I may want to do instead (nobody I knew on forums tho)
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