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  • Is the haunted house thing shit there? I remember when I was young I wanted to go, but couldn't.
    Thats easy schmmeezy, assuming decisions should be slanted towards diversity (diversity in a game=good) then it should follow things that limit diversity should go away (keeping in mind making something go away is limiting diversity in itself). leftovers allows for more walls to be used, tactics like subcm and not to mention probably the entire stall playstyle while restricting very little if anything at all (is there a pokemon you can think of that you say to youself "oh darn i would have used him but too bad leftovers makes it unusable!" sr on the other hand limits a shitload of pokemon to lower tiers like charizard moltres articuno scyther while also adding redundancy to our game (blastoise is a bad suicune with rspin, we shouldn't use it except sr forces us to use it). letting blastoise be uu is not diversity since other pokemon would fill its role better, i shall name this pseudo diversity (which i contend is bad). you could argue that sr makes sure things like darmanitan counterable and keeps them in uu but then all you have to make is a cost benefit analysis - sr keeps many more pokemon out of any tier than lets one remain in a tier (specifically speaking about uu).
    Of course and I hope we get to know each other better...I'm flattered I didn't think people would like how I make my posts to be honest
    oops ye i meant obama

    not that it matters to me i'm in china lol

    vapir no2 is that black dildo thing vader has iirc that looks cool

    man what is UP with your acid still looking for a sitter?
    i was gonna make a post in the drugs thread about how your recent one was like right after romney basically won, priorities right? but i figured it would look kinda dickish when i merely think it is amusing so there you go...........

    also what do you think is the best kind of vape and if you have the money is the volcano worth it
    I am always worried about picking up a phenethylamine instead of a lovely tryptamine when I get acid )=

    this vial has been great =D not looking forward to running out
    oh my! get a reagent test before taking any tho, and make sure to keep them out of light and warmth and humidity, and don't touch them with your fingers
    infraction messages are just pms, so if anybody has them it's you. i dont think anybody but chaos can view other users' pms
    latest page of the drug thread is just
    our vms p much haha
    blueberry yum yum but fuego's other co-owner has taken her back for october...times are tough but the future is looking up
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