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  • Don't worry about the debate in the thread, this is just a controversial set, and it has every right to be one.
    This applies to some sets, see the Hariyama Anti-Lead. Most are identified to be crap and automatically rejected, and others are fine are automatically accepted with minimal disruption.
    Bold Celebi
    Timid Celebi
    Modest Celebi
    NEW MAWILE Mawile sucks
    NEW MILOTIC <3 you bulky water of UU
    Shiny Mareep Mareep is sexy
    Shiny Teeter Dance Oddish lol weed
    World Championship Lucario
    Crown Entei EV him 70 HP/ 236 ATK/ 204 SPEED
    Shiny Shuckle Shuckle is ass
    Sorry but I don't give rights to that :( So milotic - mawile. Let's trade tomorrow. tomorrow ill be available :)
    well i gave up on rnging celebi
    all i got is
    calm celebi hex flawless
    bold celebi hex flawless
    timid/fire celebi 31/14/31/30/31/30

    Let me know what you want for mawile :)
    One of those threats that spread outruns is Calm Togekiss without an Spe EV's, however... Togekiss isn't all too common. =(
    I am not quite sure. I know that Rest/Talk Gyara runs 248 HP / 248 Def / 12 Spe, and it has the same base speed as Milotic.
    it depends on what you want to counter...252hp/252 def helps against dders and things like physical infernape. however you can use calm with like 252hp/232def/20spdef or 252hp/200def/56spdef to counter special attackers like mixmence, gengar and starmie better.
    Anyways, I change my mind a bit. 6Spe alone doesn't seem to be doing much. Perhaps 252HP/244Def/12Spe would be better? 12 Speed EVs outrun base 80 Speed Pokémon who linger around the 200 Speed mark.
    252HP/252Def/6Spe seems quite good. It does give you less stat points than Calm overall, but your special defense is just so high... I think it may be better to use Bold to help your weaker defense stat/taking random Close Combats/Outrages/Stone Edges etc better. =)
    May I also receive a copy of FearthePika's Marill? I won't be available today after 3:00pm or for the next few days, so I'd like it as soon as possible please
    Hello, hows it going? I saw your analysis on Milotic, and I am quite pleased that I found someone else who realizes Milotic's potential in OU. You also seem chill. =)

    Anyways, if you would like to chat sometime/battle be my guest. ^_^
    4 days huh? where are you going. If you run Scarf Tar then you don't need to run Scarf Rotom as well. Just run the standard Rotom H set in the analysis. If you don't want roar on Heatran (which seing as we are not running stall Roar is not critical) I would suggest Explosion. Toxic or HP Grass are also nice moves over Explosion since they let Heatran deal with Bulky waters. OtherwsieI think everything is fine!

    Have a Nice Day!
    I didn't really "win" it, Fear The Pika wanted people to get rights on it, and he told me that I could have them. :P But he also wanted Jubilee to have them, so I told him that Jubilee could have rights and I would just get a copy as there was no need to have both of us with rights since we share a thread. xD
    I don't really need anything from you, can I take a rain check from you when you do have something that I want?

    You'll have to wait a bit though, really busy working these few days.
    hello, just letting you know your roselia is finished. i've confirmed the iv's already, so just hatch it in your game for shinyness.
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