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  • So...could you battle a bit later on? Currently on a tour on SU server, but I should be done soon.
    I doubt it. He's being less and less cooperative. It is starting to seem like I'd have a better shot of reaching an agreement with a rock than with Battlestar.'s true, I have only beaten Nin once, and that was with a bit of luck...

    his team just counters mine so well, I seem to have trouble with stall teams (I'm working on that...)
    I'm going to sound very, very bragish, if I didn't already, but I beat DP in every one of our regular (non CC) matches. And yeah, Hot Shot is just a noob. Nuff said.
    So I've been told.
    The only people that I didn't beat yet and PLC me thinks.
    Then there's that Not So Hot Shot guy, but he sounds more of a bore than a pumping, challenging battle to me.
    He is trying to negotiate, but for some reason believes in a good negotiation, he doesn't have to do anything we ask him to in order to prove him trustworthy.
    Why don't you come to your senses? (you'll never beat me xD)
    You've been out ridin' fences,
    for so long now.
    Oh. You're a hard one.
    But I know that you've got your reasons
    these things that are pleasing you
    can hurt you somehow (you continue)

    ^another song from the greatest band alive
    On a dark dessert highway
    cool wind in my hair
    warm smell of colitas
    rising up through the air
    up ahead in the distance
    I saw a shimmering light
    my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I had to stop for the night
    there she stood in the doorway
    I heard the mission bell
    and I was thinking to myself
    this could be heaven or this could be hell
    then she lit up a candle
    and she showed me the way
    there were voices down in corridors
    thought I heard them say-hey!
    ok, my brother is on right now but i will see if i can find a usb and download po on it then out it on my laptop ok? or i could wait about 10 minutes for him to get off
    awesome. Most of my schools teachers have gone on strike. FOR THE ENTIRE DAY!!!!!!. And i wont be online from 10:00am to about..................maybe 5:00PM +10GMT time today. I am going downtown with a friend and its 3 days to my birthday SO WHOOP!!!!!!
    Dear member of Team Destruction,
    Thank you for signing up and you're very appreciated for joining. As you should know we have a rank system hear on Team Destruction and it would be very appreciated for you to join and not be a grunt and do nothing except talk to everyone. You must start at grunt though if there are positions i'll try to squeeze you in but no promises. Thank you for joining Team Destruction,
    Mahalo (spread some Hawaiian love) Shotgun Squirtle

    A. read wacky tabacky's wall or our convo you will find teh answer

    B. Becuase Zambos is a snack here in Honduras and i love it
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