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  • Perhaps he forgot to mention he's spent far more time being an enemy of Team Aero than he has sent trying to become an officer, otherwise he'd have it easier.
    no, I'm not. I may be a higher-up in Aero, but I'm not speaking as an Aero operative. I don't want to fight you, but I will have to if you don't surrender to PLC...

    I know that BS is 2nd in command of the SSIS, but Artemus is in control of it, and he is allowing for such actions. We actually may be asking you to confront BS's TRC on behalf of the SSIS...
    You will probably easily gain an officer position. Battlestar, on the other hand, has spent a long time making sure I don't know what his real intentions are. I'm working on finding the truth.
    Yes, the SSIS currently supports your side of the argument right now. We are trying to cool things down with Aero. We don't want war.
    Oh yes I see that now. In an event of Code red we will need to make our way to the Alpha Site so be ready to move. Are you aware that PLC has waged war against TPE?
    I do hope you aren't going to declare war on Aero, we may be trying to eradicate minorities, but war is not neccesary, simply submitting will prevent another 3-0 sweep from Bulky RageFace...
    Well then you can tell whoever's choice it was, though I'm pretty sure I already know, that they have forced my hand, and it's their fault your group is involved.
    At this point, that is reason enough to warrant a declaration of war from Team Aero. If anything, it makes things more clear as to who will be targeted.
    You may be getting an assignment soon... Please PM me if you need assistance with it, or are wanting more details...
    Is the Pokemon Engineers a team or a regular group/club? I'm confused and maybe this is the reason people don't join.
    To answer your question. Special Operations Agents are the Elite of the Intelligence Agents. their jobs are to collect and aquire intel on possible threats or hostile groups. If you're a good spy this is the job for you.

    However, if you are more into battling you can become a Military Officer. Their jobs are to protect our group and act as our almighty Military Force in times of war or special events. If you are good enough you can join the SSIS Elite Battle Team. Sign ups are going on until tuesday.
    Welcome recruit, into the ranks of the SSIS!

    I am Commander Artemus Moniz, the leader of the agency. We at the SSIS have many goals: To prevent and go out to war when necessary, to collect intel on hostile groups or threats and to be one step ahead of everyone else. Please do not forget to egister a Position upon arrival into the agency. If you have any questions please ask me.

    Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
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