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  • Se peirazei na antalla3oume apo4e gt teliwnw ta posts sto thread kai meta exw diavasma:/
    I gave you fodders for the gen 4 Pokemon I used my credits on. So want to do that right now? I do have it on gen 5. And what about the other 2 (Mesprit and Zangoose) Would it be a good time for you to pick them up aswell?
    Do I need to pick up Snorlax and Lickilicky? And you still need Gengar? I think I wanted your timid dive ball Swanna but can I get your naive Torndadus for it if you still want Gengar that is.
    It's 1:00am here so I will be on for a few hours so I hope to see you on so we can complete our pending :)
    Yeah, I did that exact Tentacool (except Calm) for someone else, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'll get on with it now.

    Edit: When you say flawless, do you mean 31/x/31/31/31/31 or all 31s? Just so I know the specifics.
    Thanks, for the credits + Throh + Poliwrath. :)

    If you need other DW pokes breeding, I can do them also. I made an effort of collecting all the DW Females that were released when they came out, so I have them all.
    Sure, I'll add your FC and head in. I actually took the Ledyba idea from your thread, but I thought someone else was doing it for you?

    So that's: Ledyba, Gothorita, Stantler and Buizel?

    My FC is 5071-3141-9155.
    Hey, just to let you know that the Stantler and Gothorita are ready:<br />
<br />
Gothorita: Modest/Frisk; 31/30/30/30/30/30 Premier Ball
    Stantler: Jolly/Sap Sipper; 31/31/31/18/31/31 Thrash/Megahorn/Zen Headbutt/Disable.

    Let me know when you would like to collect them and do our other trades.
    Sorry, it took quite some time for a response, so I've already made a deal for an Espeon.
    I may take another look at your thread sometime, but it will be at my leisure. Thanks though!
    Hi there, I am ready to trade in Gen 5 (did all the tutor/tm/rename stuff) whenever you're free.
    Alright I will be right on. We may run out of time since I might be in a rush so if I cant get you all 7 right now I can do that when I get back. Also Breloom is Evd 12 HP 252 Atk 244 Speed
    Alright I can give you your BPs on gen 5 but after can I get my Pokemon in a few hours on gen 4? I need to drive my uncle to work out of town so I will be gone for an hour or so.
    Alright back, I just need to shift over the Donphan and Breloom and I will be ready. Give me about 5 minutes. I will be using my White FC in my sig
    Oh sure no problem on Spiritomb, I will breed one instead :P. And sure I will be back in about 30-40mins, That will give some time to nickname so no rush. I need to help pack and load a family member since he's leaving to work at 5am.
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