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  • Hey question? Can I trade for that luxury ball Lanturn in your thread?
    Hey mate, hope all's well on your end, and hope to see you online in the not-too-distant future. I might not have done much in the way of RNG abuse but I'm practically itching for something to catch my eye!
    What's the class your finishing tomorrow? I technically only had that Calc final as an actual final. I also presented my RNG project stuff to my teacher(I told you about that right xD) I think I got an A there as well.

    Oh and did you still want that Modest Tornadus? I'm looking for Shiny seeds now for Shiny Roamers and I could do it for you :P
    Oh Nice :D I finished yesterday, got an A on my Calc final x)

    Also they banned Deoxys-S to Ubers :[
    :'D Hallo Banana bro! Ive been exquisite!! :pimp:

    How has College been? Have you been working your butt off? ;_;
    Oh you missed so much with OU. I haven't battled much, but I do know what they changed. Thundurus and Excadrill are Ubers, Moxie Mence is released, and they're thinking about banning Deoxys-S. There are others, I just need to look xD
    That's weird xD I guess it's those high classy college thing I guess Jk :P So when do you have an actual break though? Do you get Summer Break at all?

    Oh yeah, my AR broke. My dumb Bros broke it ;_;
    Oh and with the new update for RNGreporter, you can RNG on a DSi/3DS now with Standard Abuse(The easy stuff. Not C-Gear Shit xD) :D
    Wait Quarter? You mean semester? I'm saying since my Semester ends in a few weeks xD

    If you mean VGC, Of course I am!! I've been getting help from some really cool people, and I actually RNG'd a some mons that people used at the VGC this last month, and most did incredibly well :D Also, I'm using Jigglypuff on my team because if you thought Cress was Bulky and could set up, Friend Guard makes it the Shit xD
    I've been getting busy with RNG stuff/School/Analysis stuff/IRC chatting/Etc. It's just been like Chill, but busy at the same time xD

    How's the College life feel about now?
    I'm sorry to hear that :( Mine wasn't all that relaxing either from family either.

    Well when that time comes around get on IRC or something ;)
    So yeah turns out RNGing with a DSi and such isn't as bad as me and you thought. If you can have access to a 4th Gen game I can actually teach you captures in 4th gen.

    Oh and can I say you called it, or you called it. JAPAN is banned!!!!! :DDDDD Edit: Okay so apparently he'll be unbanned by next friday ;_;

    Well either way it'll be good to talk with you Thanksgiving weekend. ;D
    Can I assume you didn't find anything you wanted for the event Victini? If I don't hear from you in a week, I will assume so.
    I'm close to hitting 150 RNGs :D

    Man are dead brah, when will you start getting back on. It sucks with out you D:
    I've been RNGing my butt off. I've done like 60 BPs in the last 7 days. xD

    Too bad about your Wifi :/
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