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  • Lebowski thinks his tech is back up and running. He's consented to giving you semi-redistribution rights to his Hitmontop for the Event Victini on the condition that your listing includes a link back to Present of a Rose (the thread)
    lol I forgot to clone it so I have to get it again from my Emulator lol sorry :P So hows everything?
    Hey, I've done it :)

    Successful ability now to be able to breed and catch Shiny Pokemon in 5th Gen. Message me with any ideas you have for BPs. I haz a happy :D
    Good :) Well I live in Lebanon[Im American tho ;)] and here the internet out of the like 136 countries or something that have internet, is the WORST out of ALL the countries in the world Dx You got to pay $50 for 4 GB upload and download :/ BUT they are going to update the internet in a month or two ;)
    I hate limited internet >.> I gots no internet at MY crib so I have to settle with 30 minutes a day at my moms office at my school lol >.>

    So enough about me, How you doing? Hows *insert secret school name here* so far? ;)
    I think I really need to think of better strategy. I have some good ideas to replace team members since I lost. I'm glad I'm learning early in the season about this stuff. :)
    Good luck with that mate :)
    Hope to hear from you soon, ready when you are!
    Also lets battle PO again sometimes :D
    Hey, Ebon. It has just come to my attention that the Timburr that I gave you redis rights to doesn't have a 0 speed iv as I thought (it's 3. might actually help it outspeed other Conk...). I'm sorry for the trouble but I will be re-doing him this week and I'll be sure to get you a copy. Just hold off trading him until then if you can.
    No worries man, whenever ur ready. Also I have de-capped the Hitomontops' names. Thats what u like right?
    Okay, Adamant Hitmontop has 40 Defence EVs (in order to evlove)/Impish Hitmontop has 40 Attack EVs (In order to evlove). I couldn't get any EV erasing berries, they will need 10 berries each.
    Well at least you have PO. Do you know if it's the security on the Wi fi that's the problem?
    Your back!! :D

    Me and Japan are at the same spot of hating each other, except I no longer owe him anything. And now if he starts anything, He owes me. >:)
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