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  • :( I don't like it at all, but I want a shadow tag chandelure, and dw eevees are going to be available without the event as well. I am also hoping I might be able to get wish bliss at some point through dw although her dw ability sucks.
    You don't use dream world do you? I was thinking if I can figure out a way to get points fast I could get us that DW tentacruel, and I think DW Chandelure is coming out soon. . . I want one. . . despite the fact that it will be banned to ubers shortly after I get it.
    Okay, i think we will evlove them, and then transfer them to gen five and wipe the evs. We don't have those berries either but I'll see what I can, probably trade for some berries. Anyway, I VM u again when this is all done
    Hi Ebon :) I think we may need to use Vitamins to evlove both the tyrouges. How would u like this? Do u have EV erasing berries?
    Yeah, I did find one. :) :( That sucks. Let me know when you get it working, because I feel like a pest by asking you all the time if your ready. "Are we there yet?"
    Here's to hoping. In the meantime I am trying to get an avatar set up, but smogon doesn't like any of the URL links I give it. O.o
    :( Yeah, it can be. I know that Pennstate's Wireless required a special program for you to get access. If your school's wireless is anything like that, you may need to use a starbucks or something.
    Hey mate, how was your flight? Sorry I've asked two days late, but the Uni and the Uni Snooker club imparticular have had me doing arrangements to assist for the start of the year, but I'm sure you've been kept busy yourself. :)
    Hi Ebon!!! there is only 8 pokemon my friend has and i have 2 so you'll get a list of tem pokes ok?
    Lmk if you come across a Hitmontop with the Technician ability, Adamant nature, and the moves Fake Out (pre-evolution), Mach Punch (egg move), and Sucker Punch (4th gen tutor). This is a big want at the moment :)
    Haha OMG you're cool :)

    Check out the my Giveaway and look at the Pokemon I've RNGed today, The ones that say done ;)
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