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  • Lol >.> Ya I know I'm dumb and teach biology... AND YOU TOLD YOUR SECRET TO THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR THREAD!!!! >:O WHY'D YOU DO THAT???!!!???!!!?!???!?!!??!?!?!?!??!??! I'm going to have to fail you... :(
    Hey, that's hurtful... Even if I still live with my mom it doesn't mean that I can't teach biology, play pokemon and be awesome! :D
    :P lol
    No dude I'm telling you I promise ;) I am........ YOUR BIOLOGY TEACHER!!(cool twist of events right :D)
    Oh ya you sticking good for nothing(just kidding xP) Pre-Med sophomore that's Majoring in Human Biology!!! >:O
    Lol do you want to know how I figured out home-dog?? :naughty: Then no one else will know that you go you know where and we don't want that to happen ;)
    Were Psychic twins, remember?? ;) and no I didnt read any conversations between you and anyone ;)
    Well thank you :)

    When do you want them? I can give you Non-Redis rights for some of them. Meaning you can trade, others cannot.

    I found out through getting that Jolly Landorus that my current Jolly syncronizer was hacked and wouldn't work.
    Wow, I take that as a complement actually :)

    I thought you had a Naive Landorus already?

    When do you want them?
    Hey what's up. I got all my RNGs up from today on my thread. Check 'em to see what you like :)
    Hmm, off the top of my head I can think of Scizor as a check, and Forretress/Skarm as counters, since Virizion really can't touch significantly harm them without several cm boosts, or without running HP Fire. Dragonite isn't particularly hurt by anything other than HP Ice. Dusclops and Confagrigus laugh at it, especially if Confagrigus happens to be a CM variant. Both of the Lati's can just CM up with it, then slaughter it with Psybreak.
    Vaguely, I haven't really done much battling this gen, sort of waiting for everything to get all figured out before I start.
    Allright. I'll give you a copy of the dragon dance one I bred earlier as well, free of charge :)
    K :)

    By the way, I forgot to ask you, but do you want an UT version? Cause otherwise I'll level it to 55 and give it Superpower, Fire Punch and Aqua Tail as tutor moves, in addition to Pursuit
    Although, admittedly, not having a 31 in Atk is kinda bothering me, so I'll give you this one for now, and work on another in the meantime.
    Yes I got it from Pokecheck and I'm done with all 3 Landorus and I'm doing Adamant Terrakion now. I'm going to do Strongbad's Victini next then I'm done.

    Just caught Terrakion :)
    I'm not rng-abusing these, I really don't have that much control over it's ivs :/ not to mention, missing 1 point at level 100 really isn't a huge deal.
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