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  • Now? Do u know how to search for someone cos I've got no idea :'D. Which server r u on? I must warn u that my team is not very good but can be alittle annoying
    yeah it is really fast when u first start out! took me while to get used too.
    I am on it too maybe we can battle sometime?
    Wait, I thought I didn't have anything u want? lol, how would we trade :p
    No I didn't apply in the end cos leaving Aus to go to the US is a big thing right? I had really good grades though, not lying haha.
    Yeah I am in Australia but when I graduated from High School (I dunno what u call that in the US) my parents really wanted me to go to Stanford, we have family around there also. I actually took courses on SAT lol. But that was a long time ago. I've already graduated from Uni now (or is it college in US?) :D
    Tell when ur wants are updated mate, and I have updated my thread again also :D
    Sorry Ebon but I was also nosy enough to read your convos (and evry1 elses so dont feel stalked). Didnt see that tricky Shamalan reveal at the end there.
    Only in the rain though. If a Thunder user comes out you boned, unless you have Gastrodon to absorb Electricity.
    Cool, this gives me a chance to learn how to RNG roamers now. I just can't guarantee it shiny. :)
    Wow cool :D where you flying banana-bro? And I will give you a hint on where I saw that you go to @&£#*%$, you are a Filipino that lives in California(I guess xD) and you are a smogon addict, and you are all like YES a notification!! Oh wait... It's an infraction >.> ad you love chuck norris and you have rocke out to don't stop believing and you are a wifier that is in team plasma ;D Hope you guess right :)
    Lol so how you been doing? I gtg to bed soon(well I'm laying in my bed and I needto fall asleeP soon xD) lol and I saw u go to standard in---
    I forgot to mention I can RNG that Tornadus if you really want it :)

    I found a code for it that's supposed to work.
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