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  • I don't remember how it happened, but a LONG time ago I think I received a copy of your eevee. It's male, has a bold nature, OT is TIMDOR, ID No. 03080. The ability is adaptability. Is this your pokemon?? If so, I'd like to know the IV's if you remember them.
    Yeah, I am pretty excited. Most of the middle schoolers in the small group I am leading will be there and I have a new friend from my Pokemon club who will also be helping out, so far, it is expected that I will have around 20 kids, but I am posting this tournament everywhere so I may have many more!

    I feel the same way about tournaments as you do, I really want to be able to do more of them but Nintendo only ever does one a year, I am hoping that what I do will become popular enough that I can become a PLAY! organizer for Nintendo which will allow me special privileges and what not for the tournaments I hold.
    I can definitely see why some of the Pokemon are banned but it is getting a bit silly in my opinion...only a few people know how to effectively use some of the Pokemon and it really doesn't seem as bad as the testers are making it look but oh well.

    As to the rules I will use, similar to the VGC rules for 2010. It will be a double battle with six Pokemon and the players can use up to two ubers on their team. Other than that they can do whatever they want, outside of having a bunch of the same Pokemon.
    A lot is going on for me as well. My wife will be having our first child in a few weeks and I am still applying for teaching jobs as well. I have also started a Pokemon club with some students that go to the college I just graduated from so that is a lot of fun. I am actually putting on a tournament for kids ages 9-14 on the 24th so that should be fun!!

    And yes, I know what an Eagle scout is, congratulations on that.
    I've been training for the VGC that will be May 14th for me. I have also been helping my IRL friend learn to RNG and he is setting up his team now as well. Other than that I am just applying for teaching jobs and waiting for my baby to be born...

    If you ever need any help learning to RNG I am usually on smogonwifi in the mornings.
    i've given you a timburr with mach punch and drain punch with careful nature and some 31 iv's :) hope you're something with it
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