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  • I think that the 30/30/31/*/31/* Sassy spread could be fine. That spread, plus the two tutors would still net you the 30 credits.

    Waitting for just over twelve hours for the flawless one (imo) would be a tad bit insane.
    Nope. No deadline. As long as you know you can get it for sure. Seismic Toss as a tutor move is a must. Body Slam would be a big plus, as well, but not absolutely necessary. I'll go ahead and post in my thread in my wants section that you are taking the project so no one else asks about doing it. If for some reason you find out you can't do it though, let me know so I can find someone else, but until then, it's your project.
    Yes. I need a legendary CP worth between 20 and 30 credits on my thread. Here's what I'm shooting for.

    Nature: Careful or Sassy
    IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / * / 31 / * (or something very close to this)
    3rd Gen tutor moves: Seismic Toss / Body Slam

    The tutor moves are what makes it important. Seismic Toss is the important one though. That would get you twenty credits, if you can also get it Body Slam, I will give you thirty credits in my thread.
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