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  • Computer froze on me. >_<

    Who know's though. Body Slam is gimmicky, but it's still a really good breed. Nothing says Body Slam has to stay on it.
    Thanks for the pdate.

    And I usually have BP's/CP's that were done for me as non-redis for everyone except me, and the person that does them for me, so no worries.
    Hooray! Manectric is awesome XD and so punnable! I call our electric blanket a 'manectric blanket' :P
    It looks like I'm actually finally able to get one in a trade ^^ But thank you so much for the offer!
    Hey CPrime, Skippy told me that you can do Emerald projects. Would you be willing to do one for me? It would be worth quite a few credits if you can. If not, that's fine too. Let me know either way. Thanks.
    Hello, I remember you posted saying you could do that Emerald BP for me - is that still the case? If so, PM me when you get back from your trip and we can discuss the details :)
    Sorry about that. I was away from my computer, so there's a chance the d/c's were because I went too far away from my router.

    And thank you for the Metang.

    If you really do want to do some more 3rd gen BP's, I know one person that would be interested. He already knows about the Metang and Registeel, and is interested in both of those, and has already asked me if I could get you to do some projects for him. He never actually told me what he wanted though.

    Look on my friends list and look for Shawk. He posted recently in my VM's as well. He has pleanty to offer, and can do 4th gen projects if you need him to.
    It's fine. No huge rush on the Registeel. I might be away from my computer shortly, but if you come back, I assure you, I'll be on WiFi waitting.
    Cool. So you might be able to get it before you leave for your trip after all.
    It'll be about twenty minutes. He's playing some Yu-Gi-Oh game, and needs to get to a place where he can save. :/
    I'll try to be quick, but with a 13 year old in control of the DS, I can't promise that. When I get there though, I'll have the Barboach and Tentacool with me.
    Good to hear. My g/f's son has the DS atm though, but when you have it Pal Parked, I'll see if I can wrestle the DS away from him for long enough to get it, and send you at leasdt the Barboach and tentacool you already mentioned.
    I'll let it be up to you. I think the ten for Metgagross is fair, since it is a 3rd gen RNG with a tutor move (I usually give 3 for a 4th gen, or 4 for a 4th gen if the person can get it to me shiny, and get me a copy of the egg), and 6 credits for a wild or legendary capture. This is the first time I hve asked anyone for specific 3rd gen RNGs. I honestly don't know what all is involved with RNGing, so I have no idea what is fair really.
    *side note* Even though it's not on my thread yet, I do have an alternate Tentacool I bread myself. 31/1/31/28/31/31 with Confuse Ray, Safegaurd, Mirror Coat, and Hydro Pump at level one.
    30% paralysis rate when an opponent doesn't expect it can turn a battle in my favor rather quickly. ;)
    Yeah, I just hatched a Beldum that was 31/17/31/X/31/31. Slightly annoying, but it happens. Just a question, why Body Slam on Metagross?
    It's really no trouble, since I've been meaning to breed myself a Metagross for a while. Your Tentacool and Barboach and good incentives, haha.
    It's cool. The Registeel is cool, but gimmicky. The Metagross should be highly competitive though, so since I have a couple of tourneys, and a forum war coming up, it's probably breetter I get the Metang first anyways. Thanks again for going through the trouble for me.
    That would be great. Don't forget that you will have to spam the E-4 though to level it up to be a Metang before it can even be tutored any moves. Get me that, and well, and I'll offer you an additional ten credits. If you want more than that, we can negotiate them tomorrow. It's late though. I need to go for now.
    You could always check and see if your friend has picked up the Beldum from Steven Stone's house since it's stationary. It appears after beatting the Elite 4.
    No, but thanks for the offer. There is a non-legendary I could definately use thought. I need an Adamant Metagross (31/31/31/*/31/31, or as close to this as possible), that also knows Body Slam.
    I can go with that, but nothing lower than a 29 IV in the necessary stats. I will still offer the same if you can get thet one. Also, only me and you have permission to trade it. It's non-redis for everyone but me and you.
    Good to hear. Tell your friend i said thanks, and make sure you slide him a copy of it, as well, since he is being cool enough to let you borrow the cart from him.
    I think that the 30/30/31/*/31/* Sassy spread could be fine. That spread, plus the two tutors would still net you the 30 credits.

    Waitting for just over twelve hours for the flawless one (imo) would be a tad bit insane.
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