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  • NO WAY!!!!! =0 WE'RE BOTH ON AND READY AT THE EXACT SAME TIME?! THIS CAN'T BE RIGHT?!?!?!?! xD See you right on bud. :)
    Just message me when you can trade. I'm gonna get back to transfering all these pokes from Plat to Pearl...
    Just got your message back. I've got the Cress to train and Palkia as up-front payment in my Party. Just let me know when you're ready.
    So this is kinda gonna suck, but I gotta jet to my inlaws for TGivins dinner, so.... could we pick this trade up later? I've got both in my party, so it's no big deal.

    FRIGGIN! >.<

    The Gira is still on my Pearl cart that doesn't have a FC! >.<

    Could you just do the Cress for now? If you still want a Palkia, I'll just give one to you now so you're payed up front if you want. :( T or UT?
    That'll work. Gimme 2 mins to trade w/this dude and I'll see you right on. :)
    Zapdos is already Trained, cuz I took it off the list of pokes that need training (first page), but Gira does need it (it's on the "Training Needs" list). I'm trading with another dude I owe real quick, then you. ;)
    Oh, no dude. Just train whatever you want off the list, and then pick the palkia as the poke to use your credits on. Either way, you get the poke you train, plus any 1 poke from the entirety of my thread! xD
    Ha. Yeah. Probably gonna tick you off, but actually since you weren't around and Stingray Spin said he could do it in an hour, I just had him do the Palkia and Uxie. You can pick anything else off the list if you want do do anything though. :?
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