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  1. VGC18 building team around M-Mence

    I'm fine without metagross, I spent alot of time on salamence and lele so those two are a must on my team, what do you think will go well with mega salamence and lele? So I'm thinking something like a fantasy core with some support Dragon: Mega Salamence Fairy: Tapu Lele Steel: ...
  2. VGC18 building team around M-Mence

    I want to build a fantasy core (dragon+metal+fairy) around my favourite pokemons (Salamence, Metagross, Tapu Lele) for VGC18 and upcoming regionals in my country (not US). I'm thinking Mega salamence with hyper voice/double edge as a mixed attacker. Can metagross fill in the metal type I'm...

    Every teams looks about the same?!?! Well not exactly but you know what I mean. Why is there not a single eevee pass team? I know its abit of a cheese but it dominated some of the south american premier challenge.
  4. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    Just gonna make an eevee cheese team with the core eevee/clefairy/smeargle, which ones should be my sweepers? (I saw a few arcanine/fini/bulu), what are the typings and choice available? Is a dragon sweeper like mence/chomp viable?
  5. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    What is pokebank, when does it come out and why would it give access to tailwing and hyper voice, heat wave etc? Do I GET the pokemon from the bank or something?
  6. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    I looked at quite a few builds, can you explain how building around a core works. Are my complimentary roles supposed to addressed the weakness of my core. E.g. I might have some Tapu Koko, Raichu core with heavy electric spam but they are weak to ground and raichu might be weak to physical...
  7. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    Yea I saw that, he used it to balanced his guru+torkoal trickroom team, but I dont really wanna run a TR team. I dunno many team archetypes too, except rain teams, maybe some sort of weather team like hail...
  8. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    how does he fit with the rest of the team though. What members should I build around him. Slow pokemons to deal with trick room? one steel type to bash the fairies and the tapus? is celeesteela or do i need ANOTHER steel type?
  9. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    How does an intimate pokemon fit into a team. Is having 2 ok? or you should only have 1 at max?? Also I'm new to VGC and seeking out good team members for modest salamence, it know it is a generally good sweeper but how does it fit into the rest of the team and what team should i put it in and...
  10. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    How does Metagross fit into a meta game, would he be a trickroom tank/sweeper? Does relax nature work well with Metagross (increase defense, lower speed further)
  11. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    hah haha so I guess a garaydos/salamence/arcanine/krookodile core would just get rekt by Milotic, but perhaps its a good gamble, what if i could have some trick room option to deal with that boosted Milotic
  12. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    doesnt adrenaline orb only work once, so milotic is getting +1 boost max, so multiple intimidate wont change much would it?
  13. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    OK, I got a new set Tapu lele/Garaydos/Celesteela/A-Mok/Salamence/Krookodile pretty self explanatory lele deals with koko Garaydos/celesteela/A-mok standard Salamence/Krookodile has coverage and earth quake synergy, also double intimidate
  14. VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    On what kind of a team could Mence work? Because it's my favourite mon and I wanna make it work. Can he be used for coverage. Can I just use him to replace Chomp in that staple core, and used the 6th mon to deal with some of his weakness? Also can Arcanine replace A-Wak as the fire based sweeper?
  15. Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    is a perish trap team viable in this meta now that restricted mega sweepers are now gone? What are the best perish/shadow tag users remaining