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  • Ok. I'm free in about 30 minutes. I'll send you a VM then. Please use this FC.

    What FC will I use?
    Okay. I don't have it yet, but will be getting it on my Platinum shortly.

    I'll let you know by VM when I have received it.
    I have leaerned how to RNG on soul silver via breeding now. That means that I can now RNG on emerald and soul silver. soul silver RNGing capabilities include wondercards and breeding RNG will be trying to learn platinum next or waiting for black/white. ALL HAIL TEAM division...
    Its working out alot, how ever, the tricky part is how to get good IV's you know, man, I would like some help on that if you don't mine ^_^
    Ok, the way how i do my ev training is. I start out by getting all the power item for ev's plus the vitamin an the pokerus, so i look for the right natur, so when i get the right natur i start put the power item that go's with the natur an then put the pokerus plus the vitamin, the natur i got was adamant natur, so I put 8 vitamin in attack, 8 vitamin in speed an 4 vitamin in HP, after i'm finish with that, then I start killing the pokemon that gives Ev points to that stats that i put vitamin in plus the natur, so I kill 13 gyarados for attack, killed 13 staravia for speed an I killed 4 graveler for def, after I've complet that Ev training then I fly to snuyshore city to see if I'm really finish with ma Ev training, so she give me the Effort Ribbon, after I've get that thing then I'm finish with the training then its time for leveling up.
    If this means I can keep improving my skill I am happy someone thinks I have what it takes to be of service. So to answer your quesion yes I would be honored to be part of the science division. But until I get my laptop either in feb. or march all RNGing I do must be on emerald. Sorry. I do not have the ability to download the programs I need on my jobs computer due to a strict "no dowload" policy they have.
    I recently hatched a shiny magikarp in mine platium version and have a shiny tentecool in soul silver for RNGing dont you need to have your non chained or RNGed shinies checked for it is need to RNG so can you or any one in TR check for this IV's or secret ID so i can get started in RNGing
    Welcome to Team Rocket. I have decided to promote you to an Executive. Best of luck and thank you for your interest in Team Rocket.
    Hello, this is Rocket Executive JRank. Now that you have become a member, please post your resume like my example in the thread in the group. Thank you and welcome to Team Rocket!
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