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    i ask a ninjask waddup

    i ask a ninjask waddup
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    Long time no see :P V also poster below me is correct.

    Long time no see :P V also poster below me is correct.
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    Official NBA 2011-12 Season Thread

    A hypothetical Lin-to-Dwight tandem would certainly be strongly justified by this type of thinking, even if Howard flees the following year. It's a fun and novel notion to think about though xD But back to Lin, he's a boss and all but $25 million over three years with the poison pill at the end...
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    Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

    Proposal: Anime character draft (alternately, video game character draft if there is more interest). Details: So I'm sure many of you have heard of or played Fantasy Basketball/Football/Baseball/whatever sport before. My idea is that, instead of picking players, "owners" draft anime/video game...
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     The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

    May I propose "The Smeargle Symphony"? Anyways, I got bored since it's summer after all, so I decided to try to play violin covers of random stuff. So I started a YT channel and here are my first two attempts: Kirby Dream land theme (Violin solo) "Chase the World" (Violin cover) The first...
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    Official NBA 2011-12 Season Thread

    As a Californian, I'm cautiously optimistic about the Warriors this year. In theory, Curry/Thompson/Barnes/Lee/Bogut with Jack buffering the guard position sounds like a pretty exciting combination imo. Although this whole idea goes down the crapper again if Bogut and/or Curry get hurt again...
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    AP Exams

    I have no idea how, but somehow I managed to pull off four 5's this year (Calc BC, US History, Biology, and Physics B). I thought there was a slight chance that I'd fall in Bio and a HUGE chance in Physics; we had a sub with no official license to teach an AP class all year in Physics .-. But...
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    Arcana Force XXI -The World-

    Love the originality of this team, especially the Deoxys-D and Jirachi sets. To somewhat address the weakness to Landorus/Gliscor, though, have you considered running Shuca Berry over Leftovers on your Jirachi? As long as your Jirachi has a reasonable amount of health, it can survive an...
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    Season 13 (Practice Tour [BW OU #2]) Won by ToF

    in EDIT: nvm, saw I'm way way too late @_@
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    Smogon Tournament #8 - Round 1

    Lost 1-2 to ginganinja, gg's.
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    The Visitors

    I need at least most of the Speed on Krow to outspeed stuff such as Breloom, some Heatran, and all Tyranitar. Furthermore, Krow isn't meant to be tanking Gyro Balls or hits in general in the first place since its purpose is to be an all-out attacker, so I'm only considering re-allocating EVs...
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    The Visitors

    Twisted - hmm, I'll try it out I guess and see how it goes, though the first time I tried it, it didn't work out too well. Then again, I was using a weird bulky set last time, so maybe a max-SpA, max-Spe set might work out better this time around. Aquilous - I have to predict around it, as...
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    The Visitors

    Hello guys, it's been awhile since I've posted around here. I had to leave the game/community for quite some time due to real life stuff, but now I'm back :) 5th gen seems to bring a lot of new toys to the table that I've enjoyed playing with, and as such I decided to make a fun yet fairly...
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    As far as I know I never had one D:

    As far as I know I never had one D: