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  • Lol. They still have Air Dash you noob. xD
    & of course you're still a noob sir. Always have been and always will be xD.
    This game is TvC taken to the next level and I LOVE IT! :D
    LOL! I know! I watched my friend play it online and it was sooo terrible. But he actually won a couple matches too xD. It was super funny.
    XD. We're ALL waiting for the US versions of B/W man lol. Haha that sounds like a problem. What Kind of DS do you have? =O
    I never even had the opp to battle you but just trade lol.
    I do have MvC3 but just the regular edition because I didn't really want to spend the extra cash on the special edition. Haha You shall find that out once you buy your copy sir. I can't tell you.
    P.S.S. You're the noob for calling me a noob NOOB! LOL xD
    Hey dood! What's up man? How's life and TvsC and Pogeymanz? Still topping the charts with your noobness? xD

    I was wondering if there was anything I could do for a copy of your Timid Heal Ball HP Ground Espeon?
    *looks around and Wild West Whistle* Soo! I hear noober Dark-Ryu was in town but tried to skip by to avoid facing Sheriff Zack Awesome. Do you know anything about this sir? :O
    if you had stuck around you would've seen that my team wasn't all walls. like i said i m sorry that i didnt read your rules. Maybe we could have a battle again and i wont use any walls. Its all good. That was my second wifi battle ever... just testing random teams out... basically all i m doing.
    well i only had 2 walls... and u broke ur own rule lols... no stall teams... and that what calm mind slow bro is... sorry for not reading your rules... but i guess it was just the same on your part. Good battle none the less.
    Hey Dark yah I would like to UU battle. i ll see you on !!! i ll be in the wifi room in a min!!! add me plz if you are still interested
    We'll have our battle the moment you come out of the abyss of shameful losing and accept your fate that has been brought before you by MEEE! Muhahahahahahahahahah >xD.
    Where have you been hiding anyways nubcake?
    Hiiiiiiiiii :D It starting to get cold in sweden so please buy me a pair of minimal mittens, plllzzzzzz ;___;
    Zommmgggggg!! Dark-Ryu San lives!!! Woooo where have you been sir? Did I scare you away from smogon that bad with my crazy combos and techniques that you have yet to be hit with in TvsC? XD it's quite understandable since alot of people that I play against struggle to win a battle with me lol.

    HAha just kidding but how've ya been bro?
    I noticed that you RNG'd the Jirachi wondercard and I am wondering if you know how to find the seed/frame of the spread, 31/31/31/31/31/0. If not, sorry for bothering you.
    in HG it isnt a problem since radio tuning only adds 1 frame at a time :P so go to 115 in this case and then talk to the cerual mart delivery guy and get it easy
    aca en laredo no...nadamas tenguo ke cruzar la frontera (15 min) y ya o aveces me voi a un parque ke esta cerca de un HEB o WALMART y el ds agarra la senal
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