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  • yes i is foo. oh what were we trading again sorry i have alots of trades and it gets confusing. .-.
    yup im free tomorow by the way can i chage it ill be taking the Torchic DW if its ok :)
    hi i respose to your cmt and is this poke male i gender?

    Shiny Flawless Calm Tentacool
    Rapid Spin!
    DarkSoulSP I need your help in making this simple request:
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Sheer Force (DW)
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31

    I have a lot of pokes to offer that you may like
    If you could replace either Flamethrower or Stone Edge with Focus Punch that would be excellent. Please keep Stealth Rock on there. :)

    It can only learn Focus Punch from the TM up to the 4th Generation, you know this right? :)

    Yes I'll name your Sigilyph Mussolini for you. :D
    lol i keep missing when you're on. i'm free anytime, so whenever you're ready, i'll be here.
    i can but it's gonna cost you one more pokemon cus i'm out of battle points and i gotta work to earn those points again
    That would be great if you could teach it Focus Punch... I'm curious though, what moves does it know currently? :)

    Sounds good, would you like your Sigilyph to be nicknamed?
    i can trade right now but the only forretress i have left RIGHT NOW if one called "BaggyWorm" would you like that one or do you mind waiting for me to transfer a new one from emerald tomorrow (later today)
    I'm available right now. =) I can do that trade. Is there anything else on my thread you'd like for your Mew?
    (read other post first please^_^)

    Both can be nicknamed. :3 Would you be interested in trading a clone of the Tyranitar in exchange for a clone of either of these? Also, any chance I could get more details about your Tyranitar? (EVs? Moves)

    If you don't want to do trade with me until I have a trade thread I'll understand. My friend and I want to collect together more of our own RNG breeds/captures before making our thread. :)

    *Edit: I forgot to mention when I wrote this -- I clone my RNG 'mon through ir-gts. :D
    Hi again!! :D
    I saw your trade thread, looks nice! I just wanted to drop a line to say hello, and I'm still interested in your Quiet Tyranitar (does it have Focus Punch?).

    I'm learning to RNG and I've had two successes so far, a Calm male Cottonee caught in a heal ball with Hidden Power Fire 70 (his IV spread is 31/22/31/30/31/30). He's available UT or EV trained with the Fort Knox moveset from here: :) (either EV'd and unevolved holding a Sun Stone or EV'd and evolved)

    The other one is an RNG bred UT Timid Female Sigilyph (lv 1), date: 7/21/2011, Hatch Location: Skyarrow Bridge, "Capable of Taking Hits", IVs: 31/10/31/31/31/31, ability: Magic Guard, Egg moves: Psycho Shift/Stored Power/Roost.
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