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  • Ummm how was that Canada Day? 8D
    Can you imagine what Pokemon would be like if it wasn't for babies.. XD
    Ohh I'm a month late on that request... I haven't visited my White Forest/Black City in a while too olol.. :(
    Long time no (see) talk. My ilness kinda got worse and my eyes were sore so I avoided computers at all cost. Will be coming online more hopefully now ^^ How are you?
    Hey! I just got caught up on all the episodes of GOT and I have to say, they were all pretty amazing. I can't wait for the next one.
    Yo! *happy greet*
    Okay, that was all the energy I had left, off to bed XD Bye bye, good night, sleep tight :D
    Hmm, I dunno but I don't think so. However, something I just told Capuchin, you could make a RNG Bloopers blog with that XD
    I guess I'll give making a FAQ a try ^^ I'll sort out some helpfull posts first ;)
    Hmm.. I've been wondering. Maybe I should make a FAQ about (5th) Gen RNGing. Really a FAQ not a guide. So many of the same questions are being asked. I'm a bit shy when it comes to making a thread though, don't want to seem like a noob >.>
    I've sent a reply back and I just realis/zed it would've been easier to VM XD How's work coming off? Homework's killing me >.>
    That's way faster than normal breeding anywayz. Everything is kinda hard an complicated at first but once you master it it's easy as pie :P
    In the first window enter your seed where it says Seed (Hex) and choose BW Breeding. Now you can see inheritance and then you're able to find out if one of the inheritance patterns matches with that of your Venonat ^^
    I totally like your Venomoth. I might test it against my friends ^^ Hmm... I'm not sure. Have you checked for a set already listed on Smogon or wishmkr? Butterfly Dance is such an awesome move and the fact that Venomoth can Baton Pass it totally makes my day! Imagine Venomoth passing two of those to Espeon! Stored Power will then have a BP of like 120/ 150 (+STAB!). They don't share the same weaknesses either I think. What a combo.. that's definitely worth trying!

    Timer0 trolls everything -.-'
    Shiny breeding is way easier than shiny catching since it's so hard to get a low shiny frame when you haven't abused your PID. Check out the '4th/ 5th Gen Shiny Egg' Tab. It can actually look for seeds with the right IV spread and a shiny frame at the same time (so it'll give you a seed + the PID frame).

    Bad IVs affect RNG breeding a lot since your baby mons will inherit three of the stats of it's parents. You can breed good parents though ;) That's what I did with my HP Fighting Eevee.
    Yes, all three of them are DW and shiny and one of them is actually female too!

    Actually RNGing stationary legends is the easiest thing to do (seriously, RNGing wild Pokémons are harder) because of course they don't have encounter slots. All you have to do is talk to them so you can save in front of them. You can use a synch for nature. The hardest part is actually finding yourself the right IV spread with a low shiny frame! Really, you shouldn't care about Pokémon being from the future 0.o
    I can teach it FPunch. It's 204 sp attack 252 HP 48 def (survives not boosted EQ from Exadrill and Chomp)
    Timer0 is such a troll sometimes but today I'm extremely lucky. RNG'ed my third shiny Eevee and Timer0 messed it up only twice!! 68 or 70 really isn't such a big difference I think. After the BP I'm going for Landorus. Naive natured and HP Ice, hopefully there's a shiny frame somewhere close...
    Other post first:

    If you're curious about PID frames you can try the following:

    Try to enter your seed (you do this by right-clicking the seed and selecting 'copy full seed to clipboard') in the first screen where it says "Seed (Hex)". Change the method to PID RNG. Check the everstone or ditto box if you had those involved. Press 'calculate initial frame' and put 'Max frames to 100' (you don't want to see a thousand results since you've hit one nearby). Then hit Generate. Now you can see all the PIDs and find the one that you hit.

    I'm sure you will understand a bit more about the PID RNG frame after you see it. I will explain more later. Once you've hatched the HP Fighting one tell me and I will teach you to RNG shinies ;) I'll try to keep it as short as my last guide hahaha!
    Congratulations! It's cool that you're trying things on your own ;)

    Now about the fact that you (yes you did) hatched two identical pokemon. You used the same seed so you had a chance to get the same IV spread/ it would've been the same IV Spread regardless if the parents were near flawless. You probably hit the exact same PID frame (the frame that controls gender, nature, ability). The starting PID frame for a seed will always be the same. The NPCs at route 3 shift that frame further. You were "lucky" enough that you saved at a time were the NPCs would move in the same pseudo-random way so that your SF remained the same and thus hatched the exact same pokemon.

    To be continued:
    Heyo :D I'll be available most of today except from 9-10PM EST, hope I can catch you on >_>
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