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  • Hmm... let's see:

    "Reporting live from Canada Drawing Studios, my name is TammiGO and this episode will feature a very special and exciting creature you have never seen!".
    *reporter walks into the building together with her camera crew*
    "Look! It's a 'Daena'. One of the most in sweat and blood drenched creatures when it comes to deadlines. Any sequence it produces is so sharp that you can split your own hairs with it. One wrong comment and the creature will vomit a special liquid known as 'stress' which is extremely deadly!"
    "I'm gonna step in and say 'Hello'."

    -To be Continued-
    What did I tell you about that deadline? BLOOD!! Blood is what will save you from it. I'll be starting with the show tomorrow, looking forward to it ;)
    Sunday is upon us. My predictions shall either come true or not. I hath spoken again.
    Ninja each other. ;o;
    Hahah the Raikou fur and stuff. I noticed everything except the Manetric.
    Times like these I'm glad that Pokemon is made for babies. D;
    Our communication is horrible once again! :P
    Ninja'ing eachother the whole time XD Bye ;)
    Lol, it's late but I'm not going to sleep. I'm going to play some videogames with my cousin haha. Bye now ;)
    WOW!! You're cool XD Thanks a lot ;) Will watch soon so expect questions/ discussion's about characters :P Gotta go now ^^
    Don't make me wait to long please XD I have an impatient cousin waiting for me :P
    I predict I'll make many more days for you. 0.o Lol, okay but after that I'm going XD
    I see a sunday, I see sparkling s*x and a cliff hanger, not a physical one, the s*x however will be. I see myself watching Games of Thrones, I see myself accidentily reading a spoiler, I see myself raging but that is not a future prediction since I've seen the spoiler from the future so now I've already spoiled it DAMNIT!!! FEAR AND BLOOD!!!

    Well that certainly tells how good it is! I don't like reading books :P
    How many episodes/ seasons are there from the Game of Thrones? I am very interested to watch it... I hope it's a bit less filled with sexuality stuff though then Spartacus - Gods of the Arena...
    LOTTERY, you think it's the lottery that will bring you money? No, it's FEAR! Fear and blood! Well the last part is what will save you from the deadline. The oracle has spoken.
    No, but with my future prediction skills I can predict you will VM me a trailer of the Game of Thrones!
    oooh, it just did! It's alternate moka and she's sexy and cool as hell from Rosario + Vampire! I love girls that can beat up anyone and have this natural coolness (big + if they're sexy too XD). Just like Michelle Rodriguez (my fav actrice ever together with Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore) from the Fast and the Furious! The only girl cool and sexy enough to be Dom's girlfriend and spoiler: nvm, the code won't work for me...
    Hahaha that's actually so cute! And i kinda like your random tangent XD You totally ninja'd me btw XD
    Yup, that's so nice about him. In one E4 battle he woke up like 7 times XD

    Scrafty doesn't only look good he has a great moveset too haha (which involves a lot of HP regaining)!
    My timezone is EST, around the East Coast of the US, looks like you're around the same timezone. But weekends work fine too :D I'll catch you on this Saturday then?
    I wouldn't think explaining breeding was so easy but it really is hahaha XD

    I know, still so very proud of my Chandelure. Even if it's not near flawless I'm going to put it in my trophy case as a not for trade mon XD

    There's still a lot I have to learn about RNGing/ getting experienced with. I see people asking questions which I'd love to awnser but I just can't. However I never really had that much of problems except for Timer0 and my own stubborness of not wanting to find my SSF instead of my SF.

    Anywayz, go for it. In the weekend we'll get to RNG shiny breeding (which takes a lot of time since you need to hatch eggs everytime XD).
    Other post first:

    I haven't taught you how to abuse the PID frame yet but that's not really important yet as I'm sure you want to breed a near flawless shiny Extremespeed Dratini so the in between results don't really matter (except for the IVs) and we'll get the nature/ gender/ shinieness and ability right when going for that ^^

    Marvel Scale Dragonite is going to be awesome! About EV training, I just plan on hiring others to EV train the pokes for me. In return they'll get a copy or something. I know you'll be very busy to EV train since you also got your own pokémon to take care of :P
    Once I have wifi i'll send you the shiny eevee's that I RNG'ed. Btw, does your program generate ribbons on Pokémon when it copies them for you. Mine does and it won't let you copy items (to make it as fair as can be). I actually don't really want the ribbons anymore... they make my pokes ugly.
    That's going to be a great one (me wants it!). Oh, I totally forgot that some pokes of course aren't catchable in the wild. Here's my very very short guide on RNG Breeding:

    Step 1: Go to Time Finder
    Step 2 : Go to the capture Tab
    Step 3: Select Method "Standard Seed" and below that Encounter Type "Gift Pokémon".
    Step 4: Set Min and Max frame both to "8".
    Step 5: Save before the day-care man (when he already wants to give you an egg).

    For the rest it's all the same as RNGing a Wild Pokémon (choose date, generate, pick a nice seed etc.)! The difference is that now you don't sweet scent, now you just press A. Also 3 IVs will always be overwritten so keep that in mind when doing this. Keep changing parents for better ones and use an Everstone ;) Simple!

    Continuing once again...

    I keep missing you. :| Is there a particular time after 10:30 PM (that's right about when Dream World ends for me, heh xD) you can trade? If you let me know in advance I'll make sure to be on at that time. Sorry for the delays @_@
    There should be an auto-save function which also keeps track of actions done so you can still use control+z with a save...

    In the weekends I'll have time again. Don't worry, I'll teach you ^^ If you don't mind gather two near flawless parents (at least one with the nature you want) for the RNG breeding. That will really speed up the process ;)
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