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  • Waoh... You drew that o.O Nice, I guess I won't ask you to draw for me =P Some people just use computer stuff and can fix up banners really quick, a lot of pasting =P
    Well, if you wanted something to work on, I don't have anything too amazing but you could make a redistibutables banner. Feel free to use what pokemon you like (what goes well), but I do like shuckle. (I listed most of my cuter favorites, thinking it would go together better.) Though I almost never use milotic in battles, one I used before I got into competitive was named aqueos, hence my username.
    Sorry for the delay. IT"S PERFECT Well in any case, its big enough and good enough I'm giving you 2 credits instead of one. It sure wasn't what I envisioned, but its great.
    Sounds good =) You can have the Scyther whenever we trade, I'm not all that interested in the Vulpix however =PP

    I have my mind set on a perfect team and I've had some good luck with the pokemon I already had and with Smogon... EV training the last half of my team now
    Are you Daena on Bulbapedia? I saw that you needed a cloner =) I'm Uskelly from Bulbapedia
    I find it a lot more fun than the original. (who wants limited control groups?)
    Yeah starcraft is an rts Real time strategy game. It's a lot of fun, but difficult. It comes out in like a week or two (I'm playing beta right now.)
    I like normal colors. So you use a scanner, talk about original, even the people who freehand tend to use tablet pcs. Yeah, normally I'm not playing starcraft for such a long period, but my brother was gone, and his computer is a lot nicer than mine, and capable of playing the game without lag. Its nice not to have to go find someone to make you banners (: I swear, I sent in a million requests, and it was Can't do that, or waiting list, or busy.
    Sorry about the delay, I divide my time between StarcraftII and pokemon and starcraftII is very time consuming. Your art style is interesting, but the whole candle light thing for that image doesn't make it easy, but due to the specific request you got from Justyn, I think my banner will come out great, or at the least passable (in much simpler english I like it). If you want I could give you credit for the banner on my trade thread(so if people like it they can go find you). As for size, about the size of the sample just a litte less tall. I don't know what you could put on it as far as text, but just tell me what you think would fit comfortably. If you want it short and sweet though, Aqua Falls is fine, but longer than that I'm clueless. I have a lot more banners you could make for the thread, for the different sections, rules, trades, if you wanted to do more, I'm certainly open to it. BTW I've only seen a few people who freehand, Most have supreme photo shop skills.
    Yeah 1for 1poke is good. Maybe start with a main banner for my thread, obviously make it watery and stuff. Milotic Shaymin Munchlax and Azumarill are some of my favorite pokemon, but if you want to use something else just tell me.
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