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  • Yeah I'll nickname it for you! Then I'll send you the file. Hahaha, omg, now I totally see it :P
    Guess who just RNG bred her very first SHINY eevee? YADA YADA!!

    I fought that stupid bird, da damn barroth, the weird blinding fish (but I can't remember which I did online and which offline). I need you to help me oh great monster maiden!! What's a diablos?

    Maybe once I RNG breed every possible competitive eevee we'll have enough pokes to get the trade thread started with ^^
    Great, I kinda knew you would win but then you said that you needed a thread for that or something? It's great that you won, congratz ;)

    Lol, no not yet. Where is that. Right now I haven't been able to get farther then the snowy lands.
    How rude of me, I meant to ask if you were studying something similar?
    Haha well it can get pretty full on but hey, so can everything so I can't complain! It's a lot more fun than most other things I could be doing :P
    Well with nk and all... you know, look at Jynx an you'll know XD

    Yeah I noticed and even before I read your VM I thought it was kinda your style. Guess I can already recognize it hahaha! Now finally you have an ava too ^^

    That'd be great, I'd love to have it EV'd, I'm really planning on using it ^^

    We'll see, and if not, I'll just RNG one myself and hand it to you as a prize :P
    I have Gaea Pokeshifted now, I'll try to catch you on tomorrow. Or if you're on the smogonwifi IRC channel, you can ping me. c;
    Very nice! I do a lot of that kind of stuff too as I'm studying illustration currently. You managed to emulate that style very well!
    In response to your PM, that's absolutely fine <3 If you don't mind waiting till tomorrow, I still have to pokeshift Gaea from my Soul Silver, heh xD; Just let me know which FC to use and register my 5th Gen White FC and I'll catch you on. Thanks again for your awesome submission (;
    hey there, just saw your joltank picture it's epic it's freaking epic you've got some skills, I like it a lot:3
    It's fantastic, I love it! You draw so nicely ^^ Oh I hate that "you must have a trade thread rule". I swear, I'm going to give a fantastic giveaway with the rule "you must not have a trade thread to participate" :P

    Seems like pokemon is sexistic too lol :P
    I guess you don't only have and know everything you can also find everything XD Lol, I love Misty's face during the middle part XD

    Some entries are indeed scary... childrens game huh... ohh wel, in first gen Ekans ate Pidgey :P
    Wasn't there an episode of a ditto who couldn't change his face? It was funny but sad at the same time XD
    Oh damn, I really want to draw Joltank too. Don't have the time though. I'll draw it later anywayz, even if the competition's over. Great idea, if you do both I can just put them on a banner ;)
    Great thinking, keep going on with that. I'd love to see scrafty's face when he sees a weirdo like ditto XD
    Or you can show him like he's half transformed into the pokemon he's sneaking up upon. I love the idea! I've got another funny one, instead of a trophy case we could use a 'Cookie Jar' or 'My Goodies' and use a banner with Ciara on it XD There's someone here who has all these R&B banners, I love the very first post of someone else who said 'CMT for Beyoncé' XD But maybe we should think of something else since I kinda like to keep it a more graphical style instead of realistic :P Love coming up with silly ideas though :P

    I'll be gone a lot btw. The weekend I'm going to my aunt and stay with here the whole weekend. Today I first have to do a job interview with a friend of mine, the afternoon I'm free and the evening I'm going to a friend. Wednesday I have an exam and I won't be able to learn untill monday and my new roster starts so now I have class on monday and tuesday as well XD I'll be a bit more busy this week :P
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