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  • Oh I got a funny idea! Instead of doing BP we'll do DP's (dating projects)!! XD Gotta make the thread a bit funny XD
    Oh god, nooooooooooo not your umbrella!! XD There's a storm right here in Holland 0.o Cool, I'd like to RNG pokémon with egg moves, gives them better trade value ^^
    Damn I hate it when dinner's not ready yet...
    Lol, girl. You're selling your Smeargle short. It's EVERYTHING!!! I'm so glad you could do that for me XD
    The minute Flareon get's Flare Blitz is the minute I'm using that thing XD

    Vappy is soo cute... and beautifull. Like a friggin rain goddess (which she is when using Hydration). I love Water Absorb too! My team has always been weak to water because I love fire and Vappy was my ultimate help XD Helps against suicune too >.> The only problem is the amount of 4 move slots. I want Wish, Protect, Substitute, Baton Pass, Toxic and Scald all on one pokémon XD Damn, great movepool :P
    Other first:

    I'm actually trying to breed a Bold HP Electric 70 Vappy right now :P I actually like all non-shiny versions of the Eeveelutions except Umbreon (those blue rings are fantastic!!). I'll get you some shinies though ^^

    Your Smeargle has some good stats 31/31/8/31/5/8. Too bad I can't use Sp. Atk because it's neccesary to either give up a point in speed or one in Sp. Atk for HP Electric and I don't want vappy to be slower than other Vappy's.

    That's alright, I don't need it actually since the Eevee I got is Japanese and my DW Espy is waiting for me in the Dream World ^^ Definitely no-shiny, ugh that green thing is ugly!!

    Okay, I kinda get it. You can sketch the move of one of your pokémon in a double battle.
    Wow XD 4 posts :P

    I love Vaporeon. I love fire-mons so Flareon was my first favorite. Then I got Vaporeon as a shiny Pokémon card (double even!) and I was so proud of it. It's such a beauty. So that became my favorite. Then came Umbreon and Espeon and I was in love! Espeon was so crazy strong in the Pokémon games! I loved her psychic attack animation so she became my fav. In the game I leveled up Eevee at night and got an Umbreon. I loved it's beauty and the move moonlight! It was my very first EV-trained pokémon designed to be a Tank (and I kinda tanked my friend's steelix with it). I always equipped it with brightpowder and imagined it to be invisible. I loved that Espy-Umbry duo. Then I learned about competitive battling and how all eveelutions actually sucked except for Vaporeon. It was around the time I learned about Volcarona. My tactic was to pass a substitute to Volcarona to let is set up which worked 2/3 times so vappy became my favorite again.

    Haha, I've noticed! Thanks. You'll probably get to see my first results this evening ;)
    Yo, I've just received the Eevee. I'm already going to RNG some good parents out of it ^^
    Hahaha XD Lol. What a word. I eat hotdogs, especially the ones that don't show off :P
    Yeah... it's really too bad. The world is so connected and close to eachother and still so damn far... *sigh*
    You're really cool you don't only have everything you also can do everything 0.o
    You're the coolest. Would you please get at least curse and stored power for me? I can get wish and yawn through breeding. Or if you could get all 4 on a male parent. I'll be your RNG slave forever <3
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