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  • No that's okay. I only wanted it for it's stealth rock support set.
    How's work coming of?
    The top rated comment on the first video, hahaha. XD
    The dinosaur in the mud owning the bully. xDD
    I see that the MH Trii version got really good ratings, but that's no surprise. This game is awesome. Gimme the money okay. :o

    I think I was thinking about Monster Rancher.. I've seen it on display for like, PS1. Looked like a game for kiddies. B)

    I shouldn't be watching youtube videos while RNG Reporter finds shiny seeds. D8

    I can definitely check out the pictures though! :DD

    Orange Espinas should replace Druddy. D;
    :o I need more wifi games for my ps3. >_<
    Is it kinda like Digimon or am I thinking of something else?
    Mkies. B)

    Monster Hunter is like a playstation game or something. Dat's all I got. Looks fun though. ;p;
    Do you happen to have a female DW lileep? I like the support set of Cradily a lot ;) I also love it's pinkish like colour when it's shiny (and now I've finally mastered shiny breeding ^^).

    Edit: Oh damn, it's parents can only learn Stealth Rock through Gen IV TM (and Dream World), never mind -.-'
    Well that's kinda good news since now you don't have to be irritated as much by a computer that keeps freezing and stuff. And once you've caught up i'll probably have more time to so we can finally try MHT together! Hmm, I hope not and I think not but then again, games really suck ass sometimes.

    SF is your starting PID frame and SSF is your shifting/ shifted starting PID frame. SF is the PID frame that's loaded when the game starts (which is different for every seed and every save) and the SSF is the PID frame you land on when chattering once. The latter is way more usefull.

    Will teach you once we both have time ;)
    Mmkies, just let me know when you see me on then :D Actually, post whenever you're free even if you don't see me on, since sometimes I check back when I'm not logged in. xd
    Whoohoo, managed to get the desired DW Eevee! Will be a wonderfull parent ^^ Advancing the PID frame isn't so hard as long as you hit your seed and take the time to find your SSF which is so much better than your SF *sigh*
    Oh no problem :D Work's important. Are you able to trade now? Later's fine too~
    I haven't gotten the chance to EV train Robocop so he's still a wee little Pawniard LOL, but I suppose most people prefer UT versions anyway. Just let me know when you'd like to trade.
    I think was going for the Barioth Lance. It was one where the sharpness didn't matter too much.

    Once we have the time we should really get online together on MHT and exchange friend codes and stuff ^^

    I won't be online much this week either XD Sorry.
    Aww you're nurturing the future generation. Is your avatar something from a cartoon? :o

    Ohh today was a holiday so I had a cookout fndsnkdslfnd. I always have these trades that never seem to get finished.. Hmm seriously, I have class tomorrow.. I'm totally free Wednesday! Eastern time zone. -.-
    Mmkies :D I should be on tonight around 9 PM EST and afterwards, hopefully that isn't too late. If not, I'll be on all day tomorrow so just leave me a VM and I'll probably see. *__*
    Lol, there's an outbreak at route 5 today. Now I can RNG some smeargles XD Can smeargles learn every move by breeding or only by sketching?
    Hmm... that totally sucks. You mean the +items? I need those for the lance I want >.<
    Yeah, that warning system definitely sounds lame >.>

    I've started a new course. It's required to work 40 hours a week on it 0.o Damn... got to make a program that reads data and automatically clusters it by running algorithms on it. Sounds so complicated even for me and we only have one lesson this week :P In three and a half we already need to finish it XD Think I'm going to die...
    Lol, will watch it when I get home ^^
    It's my first Monster Hunter. I always seem to start with the bad parts (not saying it's bad but it's probably not one of the great ones right?) of a franchise. Which means my playfun can only increase with playing other games ;)

    That'd be cool ^^ I'm trying to get the right shiny Timid Eevee with HP Electric. Could be grass because I didn't define wether the Atk/ Def stat should be odd or even. It's a really good spread though so I'm trying. It's going to be an awesome vaporeon sweeper (I guess that's what mixxer wants to use it for).

    I should play MHT again but right now I'm busy with pokemon, school and friends. I watched Hangover Part 2, it's so funny again, not as funny as the last one but definitely damn funny. Keep watching at the end for the photo's XD
    Kinda didn't have the time to properly watch it, lol at that song in the beginning XD I don't really like that persons green hair :P

    Seems really easy... NOT
    A bad one, Timid def and sp def flawless. Just one abovre the target (which i can't reach becuz of my starting frame). I'm going for Timids now because that's what mixxer123 wants.

    Okay, now that's a thing I don't like XD
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