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    Season 19 (Week 1 [ORAS OU #2]) Won by NightFox

    Sorry thought I couldn't make it. In.
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    (◕‿◕✿) Hours of Endless Entertainment (Momentum/U-Turn Stall)

    I like the team a lot, Emmy! I bnnnnnnnnnnn! For real, nice job. Personally I think HP Ice is better for Ditto, but that's a personal choice I guess. I also think Gliscor should be Physically Defensive, but again, maybe that's just what I'm used to. I think Ditto is really the shining star of...
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    Other XY OU Mini Tour #2 Round 3

    I'm Spartacus....uh, I mean I'm in.
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    A Tale of Two Bugs (OU Balanced/Sand)

    I recommend Chansey. Chansey won't die to random little Hidden Powers. Things that carry Superpower are usually known for carrying it, such as Thundy, and even Scarf Lando-T, on occasion. So yeah, it does bring an unfortunate Fighting Weakness, but it's worth it for the sheer walling prowess...
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    A Tale of Two Bugs (OU Balanced/Sand)

    I bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! In a more serious vein, very solid team, Emmy. As I gaze upon your team, I find myself thinking, Goodra can be replaced. She isn't doing much, just a specially base tank, essentially. However, you need something that can handle Dark Types while also beating Keldeo. I...
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    my first team build (it works surprisingly well)

    Hey man. You also want Rock Slide over Stone Edge on Darm. Sheer Force makes it have 97.5 Power instead of 100, so it's a little weaker, but it's way more Accurate. I also recommend this Kyurem Set: 56 HP 236 Special attack 216 speed and Sub, Ice Beam, Fusion Bolt, Earth Power. This set will...
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    Real Prowess - Mega Mawile RMT (Peaked 1700+)

    I'd say consider Thunder Wave over Toxic on Chansey. Just because Thunder Wave is really the more debilitating status condition in this fast paced setup sweeper metagame. Just something to mull over. It's hard to nitpick this team as it's so good. I guess you could try Knock Off instead of...
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    Heavy DragMag Offense :]]]

    Really solid. Cant anything wrong with this team really, except, I really would put Adamant on Dragonite. He needs the power. Unless you really want to outspeed Manectric, which I can understand. Fire Punch is cool, but these types of teams have problems with Heatran, so I don't even think 3...
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    Aerodactyl & frens -----20-0 with this

    Really solid team, Fingers me boy. I like Aerial Ace because it's respectable after Tough Claws. I assume it's boosted by it? On Scizor, Pursuit vs Knock Off is tough. Personally, I like Pursuit because I am all about Trapping, as you well know, but Knock Off is better vs Stall, and Chansey in...
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    The serpents and the moths

    Hello there buddy, Avarice here. To the rate! I think that Conk wants 120 HP / 136 Special Defense max attack. This makes him a bit more specially bulky, while still keeping 381 HP. Not crazy about Talonflame's spread. I prefer max attack max speed Adamant, with Sleep Talk over Roost, and...
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    The OU Stallbreaker

    Nice team dude. First off, Fire Punch of Bullet Punch imo on Medicham. It's a safer, more reliable way to hit Scizor and Ferrothorn, as well as at least denting Aegislash on the switch before being forced out. I personally like Megahorn on Rhyperior for Espeon, as it's very unexpected, and can...
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    Sure am, I thought it was taken, actually. Glad to know it's free.

    Sure am, I thought it was taken, actually. Glad to know it's free.
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    I'll give ya blow jobs for lou batons call it head over heels

    I'll give ya blow jobs for lou batons call it head over heels
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    Favourites Over the Generations - Currently Number 13 (1817 ELO)

    Great team. I have a few minor suggestions. First, I'd use fully offensive Starmie, as he has shit bulk, anyway, and won't be living many hits. Also, I'd use Psyshock, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump. Thunderbolt you have on Goodra. Speaking of which, two Dragon moves is unnecessary in my opinion. Why...