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  • BF tour, gmt +7, free from noon to night
    I had no prior knowledge I'd have a free morning. It's pretty hard scheduling stuff with someone 10 hours away.
    I know you didn't like it too much yesterday but, once gain, I was surprised by the possibility of being able to play in my morning. A package that I was supposed to get on Monday is coming today, so I'm home waiting for it. If you see this message in time, I'll be on showdown (nick is Deaga, same as forums)
    k, I'll have to leave now. We can try playing during the weekend, I'll try to be up in the morning around here, which should be late afternoon/early night for you. Hopefully we can work this out.
    Hello, we play for battle factourney r3, I’m gmt-5, when works for you?
    I can do my 7:00pm/your 8pm tonight, if that doesn’t work I’m willing to play anytime until 10:00pm my time
    k, just home, will be online on PS from now on. Sorry about being a bit late
    I can hop on now and do it
    I'm in UTC-4.
    Either Wed. or Thurs. work for me. Weather depending since it's predicted thunderstorms all week and connection can be shaky from that.
    k, we can try playing tonight, I'll be online from 8:00 PM to midnight (UTC-3) approximately. Same times for Thursday.
    Dei laique pelo gammoth la, agr caça um JINOUGA e posta velio n_n

    Gato sombra pixelado melhor avatar
    hey bro will you please add my FC and give me yours to add, 2337-4159-9569
    I'm trying to build up my friend Safari and could use all the help i can get, Once I have a large repertoire of Perfect IV poks I will start doing give away's especially to my first FC friends who helped made it possible.
    Yo, if you're sick get yourself to bed tonight. I probably won't be getting on until really late if at all tonight because there's a fellowship essay I've been putting off until now and have decided that I really need to honker down and do it tonight.

    We can try to meet up on Wednesday or Friday night, and failing that there's always the weekend.
    No preference myself. Let's do NBS, though if you can't get on NBS we can go on Groudon's Grotto on PO2.
    Sure thing. Where will I be able to see you starting from 9pm GMT-3 on weekdays? IRC? PO? I can catch you wherever, just let me know where that wherever is.

    Just to let you know, though, this upcoming Monday and Thursday are pretty bad for me in terms of being available for a night-time battle. Classes and exams, blah blah blah.

    If not the deadline is 10/21 so if it comes to next weekend we can do that as well. I'll be available most of the time then, too.
    Yo we're matched up for the Goodfellas tournament in RBY. When and where do you want to do the battle? I should be available to come on at any point over the weekend, but please name a time so I know when to come on.
    Sorry, but you said that my Team is terrible and needs work. Could you please post what I need to work on if you truly feel this way. (On the thread of course).
    hopefully, i got some community service from 4-7 so i'll try hard to get on before then
    hi im gmt -5 and im basically on po all throughout the week except for maybe next week because its finals week but i'll hopefully be on as ghetto superstar
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