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  • Do you need it for something especific?
    Since Celebi are available only as event I can't get one with my ID, but if you want I can dowload a ribbon-less one from pokecheck.

    But since is from pokecheck I can only assure you legality (accepted in all competitions) but not legimacity (this pokemon is really from a retail card).

    If you are ok with this, we can trade anytime!
    are you a parking ticket because you got fine written all over you

    hey there and welcome to smogon!!
    when you need to evolve gastly and scyther just ask me and we could make a schedule
    Ok, now for the IV's
    Ferroseed is flawless, gastly have 0 in attack and 31 in all other, scyther have 8 in Special Attack and 31 in all other, and ditto is flawless
    Hi Debury, you make a mistake, if you want to respond me you need to click the "View Conversation" button because you just posted on your own profile. Don't worry I made the same mistake too!

    About the trading time, lets see if we can make on friday, same hour (10:00 pm on your clock)
    sorry for answering late. Your pokemons are ready, so let's trade!
    what about around 10:00 pm of the thursday on your clock?
    Sorry, I'm not ready to battle yet. I'm still trying to put together a good Pokemon 6-man team.
    Yo Debury!, I need to change the appoinment we make for today, I have college stuff to do.
    Since is me who is changing the date, you propose when we can trade.
    well that's good, 'coz the ditto are giving me a few problems. lets trade Tuesday then!
    I just RNG on request, or when i need a pokemon. So I don't have much aside from the one I use to battle
    Don't care it will be for free! So let's schedule the trade, I'm on GMT -4, almost always online at night, and you?
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