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  • Would you like to start tutoring half an hour early today? Click the link and look for Metal Sonic!
    Hello! I'm your tutor for Battling 101! What is your timezone and when can we meet?

    Please click this link when you are online and wait patiently for me to log on, then we can chat :)
    Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic
    Sure, no problem. Our first session will be 10 am Monday, click the link that I gave you and wait for me there at that time
    Couple more things so that I am prepared for Monday. It says I need a thread in the tutee talk section; what do I write? And what is it? What would you like me to prepare for Monday? And also would you like a couple of replays I did from yesterday to show you my current level?
    Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic
    The tutee talk thread is like a journal, where you record what happened during our tutoring sessions. For starters, you can make a thread there and say that we have made contact and have successfully scheduled our timings :)

    Sure, send me the replays via PM.
    Debury, how you doing man!
    I just got the bronzor i was looking for, and got my permit. Now i'm on my way to RNG that beuty Shiny Haxorus on nature preserve and since you are my "only customer" I was wondering if you want it!

    I was thinking to rng a Jolly one but if you want i can change for an Adamant one.

    Will wait your answer, and see you around!
    You have luck, I've been looking for a reason to RNG the Heatran at reversal mountain!
    Let's make a schedule for tonight, but be aware that it may not be ready. Anyways I will try to have it on time for tonight.
    for you SID i suggest you to upload them to pokecheck, is the easiest method i know of
    thx for the pokes and the items are little somethings for me being late last tuesday.
    sorry, i was doing college stuff all day, but i will be free tomorrow. I think i will be on almost all day tomorrow.
    That Jirachi is from the pokemon channel game, that's why it level is so low.
    and Debury, I will really apreciate if you have one of this pokemons, but of course if you don't have anyone we can trade anyways!!

    ninetales (not DW)
    or dewgong
    and it's not pokegen is pokecheck...
    pokegened ones are hacked, the ones on pokecheck are RNGed.
    oh, sorry my mistake.... as a gift pokemon they come with a ribbon, you can still use it in competions regardless.
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