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  • ho-oh and mewto used to one of my all time favs, back in the old days.
    do you have a soft resetted virizon, terakion, cobalion, thundurus, landorus or tornadus? my ds is broken, so i cant soft reset them myself -.-
    oh and i cant see wether you answered, if you post it on your profile.
    Blastoise, Ho-Oh, Magmortar and Mewtwo are my All Time favs as far as coolness goes lol
    Ah right cause Arceus has your OT.
    Thanks. They also allowed the win2011 celebi to be transfered, but celebi is not one of my all time favs, still one of my favs though ;)
    what are your all time fav pokemon?
    Well I used him when I beat the last gym leader and could control him completely. I'll let you know if I find someone with a Hitmontop. That is cool that they allowed the crown beasts to be transferred in the story.
    I just cant find or breed a Hitmontop -.- Its the only one I cant seem to get...
    Did you mean that you used Arceus for the story?
    Well I also used Event Pokemon. Lucario and the Crown beasts are my all time fav Pokemon and Lucario was available as an event and the crown beasts are the only Pokemon you can transfer from your old gen to the fifth during the story, so that was kinda cool :)
    Haha yeah I don't think that we are going to turn that way unless we decide to go completely competitive (highly unlikely, I have a job) and there is no choice. Heck, I've felt a little guilty even using promotional Pokemon (Arceus manages to sweep the enhanced Elite 4 all by himself as long as you have the Plates) but I figure since it's straight from that they intended for them to be used. Sadly, I do not have a Hitmontop, why do you need one? And thanks for the IV calculator.
    Oh ok. I kinda had a friend like that, but he recently turned into "one of them" ;)
    I think metalkids IV calculator is the best that ive used so far.
    You dont have a Hitmontop, do you?
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