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  • Great, so it's that and mesprit, for Landorus, Heatran, Jolly Jirachi and... well I'm not interested in anything else for now :/ Do you prefer to choose 3 or I just give you all 4 and then I get one for free later?
    Nah, the standard one is quite cheaper and I'm sure the graphics will be worse, kinda like the screen stretches or something. Any difference besides screen size? I'm going with: X - Psychic/ Steel and Y - Flying or Dragon/Fire/Dark + Flying.

    BTW these are the pokemon you asked for:
    Infernape - Jolly 4/252/252 31/31/20/6/29/31 I kinda have affection for this guy, I'm not sure I want to clone it and trade but I list him anyway xD
    Haxorus - Jolly 4/252/252 31/31/13/10/31/31
    Ninetales (drought) - Modest 136 HP/252 SPA/120 SPD 31/29/5/31/25/31
    Zoroark - Timid 4/252/252 13/4/22/31/27/31 Memento (egg move)
    Scrafty - Bashful 252 HP/4 DEF/252 SP.D 31/31/15/5/31/23 Drain Punch Ice Punch (egg moves)
    Manectric - Timid 4/252/252 31 in SPA and SPD (too lazy to calculate) HP Dragon 64

    Then the skarmory I said before and my Rhyperior had Ditto in the process of breeding but are not directly Ditto's offspring.
    I wasn't talking about the hair, I mean more like the eyes, too "cute" for me to relate to the little guy xD. Nope I don't have one. I'd better get a job soon because I'm positive no one's gonna pay that 3ds for me.
    What do you think the stat spread would be? The X one is kinda hard to figure out, looks like it's sort of fast like 90 speed, and specially oriented, but I can't say if it's a bulky pokemon or a more offensive one. The Y one is much clearer, looks like a super fast sweeper and physically oriented, but with high special attack too. I also can't figure out the types. Because of the color you could say the Y one is a fire type, but I think this time it's not the case. I can't think any other type. Maybe it's pure flying? and the other one looks like psychic or something, but I'm not sure.
    Yeaaah I did, I'm pretty excited. I don't like the water and grass starters, they don't seem very pokemon-ish, but the fire starter is awesome. It reminds me of torchic, makes me want to train it and see what it turns into. I don't know, the whole thing just reminds me of Gen III.
    The X legend is pretty cool, but I don't like it that much personally. I fell in love with the Y legendary, it's so freaking amazing with the plain blue eyes and that crimson color, it's so simple yet so cool, I just love it. The fact that the Dragon era finished makes me sad because I love the Dragon type, but it adds to this "new fresh start" thing. Let's see what happens next. BTW the male character is extremely girlish :(
    I used the ditto at first, but the final one's parents were two skarmories. I needed the male one for egg moves and female one so that I could consistently get sturdy as the ability.
    I got a skarmory with 31/28/31/x/25/9. Should I keep it? I mean the speed's really low, and I don't know wether skarmory needs to outspeed something or not. Like slow taunt users or phazers which can phaze me before y phaze them because of my lower than usual speed?
    OK apparently I have it in my list of pokemon to send. Since I'm busy with many pokemon to reset, I'll leave that for later though. Does synchronize work in the entralink?
    Really?? Thanks! BTW the global link says I already befriended gothorita o.O I don't remember having done that, but I should see. In any case I never caught it, I'm pretty sure, so perhaps it's just waiting to be sent. Still, that's weird... I don't remember having entered the password...
    Great I'll make sure to get it. I knew about the other details though. I'm not really interested in gible but I would like the bagon. About non ditto bred pokemon, I have pokemon with hidden abilities and pokemon I had before ditto. I should check specifically which pokemon they are.
    BTW we should make another list of pokemon to be traded. I kinda forgot the pokemon you wanted and tge pokemon I wanted. I only remember that I have a lugia and jirachi as placeholders for the other jirachi and another pokemon... also sorry but I changed my mind, I think you should trade me tge pokemon you get by trading my pokemon. Is that ok with you?
    Nice terrakion, I was aiming exactly for something like that. It's not that much to ask for, is it? But the game hates me... I'd gladly take it but it woyld be a shame to not catch the terrakion from my game. Also terrakion's an important pokemon, I want to get it myself. Call it a matter of pride or something (?).
    I think I didn't use that ditto for zorua. And I think I can't get gothorita because you need a specific password that comes with some merchandise not available here. BTW you have a terrakion?
    NOOO I'm terribly unlucky ): after hours of SRing Terrakion, I got a jolly one with 8/9/27/2/2/31 All stats are awesome except sp. attack which I don't care, hp which I can live with, and ATTACK. WHY? WHAT DID I DO TO THE UNIVERSE TO DESERVE THIS?
    Ok I'm interested in landorus, and also on the timid heatran lv.73. That way I can SR for a modest one and use different sets. Also it'd be great if you could send landorus in its therian forme.
    I use ir-gts I think it's called. It's basically like having a mini pokecheck in your own pc. You can't check wether the pokemon you send are legit or not, but you can store the .pkm files, and send back as many clones as you want quickly. Very useful. BTW you can't clone jirachi because it doesn't accept cherish ball pokemon :(
    Again I'm really busy wiith finals and playing with my band, so perhaps on sunday or maybe even after wednesday.
    lol it's almost flawless :P how can that be bad? Awesome cresselia. HP fighting is great for a CM variant. Mesprit is timid and has 17/8/23/21/7/30
    Oh I forgot about kyurem. It's hasty with 19/16/31/31/3/22 evs are 4 HP/ 252 Sp.A/ 252 Spd. What about Cresselia? Nice gyarados BTW.
    True, better stick to requesting via request thread :P What are moxie gyarados's EVs IVs and nature?
    No problem, I got one already. BTW I just learned to clone (without pokecheck but in a simmilar way). I'm considering opening a trade thread but I don't think I can keep it going in the long run, I'll probably forget checking it from time to time :P
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