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  • LOL dusk balls work pretty well and I don't have any way to clone masters. In some specific cases I wanted to use non-dusk balls for the epicness, like premier and luxury balls. You know, 1st turn quick ball, then test speed, then paralyze/sleep, then false swipe, and barrage of balls should do.
    Great. Tell me when you're done cloning and I'll go back to the WFC.
    Yaaay, it finally worked! I'll wait until you come back with the other pokemon. Thanks!
    Awesome. Well looks like it works now but if I have any more errors I'll reset the router...
    Dang! right when the shiny rayquaza was up for trade. I still can't believe you got that randomly. So lucky! Were you trying to get a shiny or just soft resetting and you got that?
    I talked to you every time you requested a trade, then requested one myself then you left..
    Hey I'm trying to talk to you but you "fail to respond". Something wrong with the connection?
    Ok I'm all set. Your FCs are the ones in your "About Me" tab, right? I registered both so no problem with that. I'll head to the WFC.
    Sure! No problem with that. Uh no, just check out zapdos and clone latias and virizion twice. Is that ok with you?
    It'd be awesome if you could check the zapdos' IVs and EVs since I now don't know what it has (man, I was positive it had 4/252/252, what the hell did I do with that?)
    I'm interested in lugia, Dialga and mostly Victini, but I'll have to prioritize the pokemon that I don't have in my pokedex, so I'm keeping Dialga and Jirachi. I don't mind the japaneese name, but if you can't clone it it's ok, give me the timid one (is draco metor legal with it? o.O). In any case when you get the jolly one I could trade you the timid one for the jolly one. If the jolly victini has fusion bolt I'd like to trade you that for regirock or whatever you're interested in.
    Awww I can't believe you just went offline ): I'm not sure if I told you my W2 FC so just in case here it is: 1593-2685-3953
    whooaaaaa VM avalanche! OK I'm back so we can trade now. So, the thing was...

    Rayquaza, Manaphy, Jirachi (the jolly one) x Latias, Virizion, Zapdos. Those are confirmed, right?

    Next, I'm more interested in your dialga than in your raikou. Here's hoping it's a special attacking one... IVs and nature? And what did you want for it? Moltres?

    Finally you said you'd give me an extra copy of latias and virizion, right? What's your new FC?
    Es dauert länger als ich dachte, das tut mir leid. Aber in ungefähr 10 min soll ich fertig sein. Bitte registrier diesen FC: 2366 3695 4869
    Verstehe. Nein, kein Thema. Warte mal 10 min und ich schicke sie dir auf der fünften Generation.
    Ich wusste nicht dass ich sie auf die fünfte Generation bringen musste. Du kannst doch auf der fünften Generation klonen. Ich kann sie dir auf der vierten schicken und sendest sie selber in die fünfte oder? Ich habe sie schon geklont.
    Da du ein old-fashioned breeder bist (und dazu sehr nett) habe ich dir 2 Ottaros geschickt, die gute Eltern sind. Ich habe selber Ottaros gezüchtet und diese standen eingestaubt in meiner Box. Hoffentlich kannst du was mit ihnen anfangen :)

    Soll ich Jirachii jetzt klonen?
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