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  • From your thread I'm mostly interested in Jirachi since I have or can catch the others. Can you trade that with the cherish ball? I thought it wouldn't allow for wifi trades.
    Not sure if you don't have them or just don't have them with good IVs, but any of these would be very helpful in order to complete my dex: Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, anything in the Piplup line, Dialga, Giratina, Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin and Keldeo.
    Also, dat shiny rayquaza :O it's a pity that it doesn't have +speed nature, but it's just so awesome.
    Nothing urgent really... I just don't want to sell/ restart it without getting rayquayza, since the only one I have is the one from sapphire which has good IVs but a lax nature =/ no synchronize in sapphire. Once I'm done with the legends I may either restart it to get them all over again, or just sell it/ trade for someone's used platinum.
    Just tell me when you've caught it and we set that up.
    Really? OMG you'd be my hero if you can give me a kyogre on SS :O and congrats for your DS's arrival! If you want I can tell you rhyperior and virizion's exact IVs, and of course no problem sending them to you as long as you make a copy and trade them back. BTW I'd actually get all of your pokemon, but since I don't have that much to offer I didn't suggest a trade :P
    Hey!! Yeh Beldum was just a lucky breed, I have a non-nicknamed spare lying around, which you can have regardless if I find something. Parents were chain-bred to have 3 hex-flawless stas so were likewise non-RNG
    Dude you just can't sell your ds, let alone your games! You may not be in the mood to play, but one does not simply stop liking pokemon forever! At least you should've given me your legendaries (? lol.
    Yep, I did get some nice pokemon. I bred a Rhyperior and got Adamant with 31 in HP, Attack, Defense, and Sp. Defense, and caught most W2 legendaries with nice IVs, especially Virizion which is Jolly with 31 in speed and 29/30 in two other stats, then 23 in attack I think. Also the pixies and Reshiram + Kyurem. Right now I'm using a dual screens team for WiFi singles random and I'm doign pretty well, beating up japs and stuff. I'd been using a Drought team but I just can't make a team that's potent enough to compensate for common weaknesses and reliably beat other weathers (I did manage to beat a few sand and especially rain teams, though). Well if you need something just give me a shout. At least you can still buy another DS in the future...
    Really? That's weird, all of a sudden it's no longer fun? I don't know, I come here very rarely, but I play a lot on wi fi on my ds. as far as I know everything's the same.
    Ok, but I can only trade on Monday itself. I just tested and the internet I am currently using doesn't work with wifi atm
    No, sadly I caught all of them already. I did reset them, but without knowing about the synchronize thing so they aren't really good D: However, my best bud got white a while ago so when he feels like it he'll reset for them with my nature-bred Munnae and clone them (he still has to learn to do that so it'll be a long while ´till this happens). He already caught an awesome Zekrom with my help :D.
    Both adamant, not sure about the IVs right now but they're pretty nice
    Well I stopped with the roamers and went for Ho-Oh and Groudon, which came out pretty nice. But that was a while ago, now I just finished a triples team based around the "pledge" moves, and actually it turned out great! I've tested it on 3 unranked battles so far and I won 2 (one disconnected e.e) and the third one I lost out of a lucky crit, but should've won... so yeah it's doing pretty well :D
    Ok, I can give you Metagross no problem for scraggy. It has a nickname though, if you want me to change it. what gen do you want it in?
    Oh, so that means that I can't synchronize them ever? and I just have to catch them as they are hoping they're good and if they aren't kill them and set them again? D: And how do you find tornadus if you kill him and then win the league?
    Yeah I figured out how the IVs were set, then I read it in a guide here. I also found out you can revive Tornadus, which I thought was long-lost, which also means I can also get Landorus. Awesome! Now I know the synchronize trick I can catch them with the EXACT nature I want, unlike all the legends I caught D: The thing is I don't know where to find it because the screens don't say a thing about the heavy rain.. :S
    Hey something strange just happened... I caught a Raikou, it was pretty bad. So I SR and try to catch it again, and when I finally do, it's the same raikou. I swear I didn't see it before, so it's not that.. are the IVs and shit set when they're released from the tower? Before I go through a lot of trouble for entei I want to know if it's worth it.
    Oh sorry, I have no idea... I'll ask the hp guy later. BTW where is he?
    I don't remebmer the base stat, but as I said before the IV is 14. On the other hand, I'm having terrible luck with articuno: really hard to catch, and IVs are horrible when I get it. Luckily articuno's useless according to the smogon dex, which classified it as NU, so it's not that important. If I get a reasonably decent one, I'll keep it and that's it.
    Is your ds woriking well now? LOL I just had sooo much luck a sec ago. I went to catch a moltres, and the first thing I do upon seeing it is throw a quick ball to possibly save me a lot of time. I caught it. When I check for IVs (it was timid thanks to your natu), it turns out it had 14/x/20/28/18/31 YES, max speed and awesome sp. attack, in the first try, one-turn attempt. So much win xD
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