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  • Oh! That actually makes things easier then. Also, I checked all my Jirachis, and none of my Jolly ones have Trick,..maybe I deleted it for a TM? I'll see if I can get it back through a move tutor or something.
    Ok, again I apologize. I will transfer the correct one over and PM or VM you next time I'm on.
    Hair dryer? something to make water evaporate? Is there any place where you can get it fixed instead of buying another one? But don't close it, you may regret it.
    Ouch that's terrible... and naw, I don't need master balls. Well, maybe, but still meh xD LOL I got pokerus again. I never got your growlithe out of the pc, and now I checked and I got it. I must be magical. Or maybe it's because it's my birthday... Shinies, come at me bros!
    Because I won't have it for later.. you'd definitely toss it? wow, that surprised me a bit. I guess you are a bit too picky after all. Nah, it has near perfect in all stats I need bar sp. def and it's timid. And I'm sick of trying over and over so... keep it is.
    The only downside is that I caught it with a masterball thinking it wasn't good (I do that both to check just in case, and for damage/stat research). But oh well, I guess future me will have to deal with the other legends without it. I'll make sure to get a gengar with hypnosis xD
    No, I got you perfectly xD I said damn like: OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! and The that's too bad part is because in gen 3 I only have sapphire so I can't do this to legendaries. Still I think I got all of them with very good natures and IVs but I don't remember well.
    On other news I got a timid 26/14/29/29/4/27 lugia which I'm like 99% sure I'll keep, but I'm asking you just in case. It's timid, great HP, awesome defense and sp.a, huge speed boosted by nature.. and well 4 Sp.D is crap, but lugia's base is so high it doesn't matter much to me. Not to mention that if I run a CM set it will be boosted further so no prob. Right?
    That's too bad, I only have sapphire... damn, my whole life was a life after you told me this...
    It's possible. I have several Jirachi, sorry about that. I also forget what level it was.
    Well thanks a lot :D Now I'll find a way to get the everstone, I think Elm gives you one when you show him togepi, right? sorry to keep you awake.
    So that's a yes? cool I'll hit the club right now so you can go to sleep quickly xD
    Well that's awesome, but since I'm at it, I might aswell catch it now. Uh would you mind trading now but without talking? I'm with a friend now so It'd be weird :P sorry
    yeah but if I kill it the next time it appears it'll have same IVs and stuff as before I killed it. I'd owe you my life if you gave me a timid abra or any timid pokemon with an everstone in order to breed that nature onto abra.
    DARN stupid game freak! Don't tell me what to do! I want to pass the game and THEN catch lugia! arrrgh
    OMG thanks that makes stuff so much easier :O OK screw this, I'm going to finish the game, get such an abra and get timid shit :P
    Damn, look at it. Timid with 4/1/31/16/2/21 Cool speed and perfect defense, but bad Sp.A and TERRIBLE HP and Sp.D... arrrgghhh
    No please don't say that xD A button is soo important D: I try to use the touchscreen as much as possible and activated L=A setting to avoid using A. But L button is so uncomfortable, so I don't use it. As for Lugia, I'm aiming for any nature that boosts Sp.A, Sp.D or Speed and doesn't lower the others, but I'm fine with neutral natures too. The problem is that absolutely every lugia I caught (and I caught many) has incredibly horrible IVs and since this is constant I was wondering if something was wrong. Anyways I got a Gentle Red Gyarados with 31 in attack and 29 in speed with overall decent IVs so no, that wouldn't be the case.
    oh and my A button works but feels a bit sloppy.. not as firm as other buttons :S I hate that, and I hope it doesn't get worse
    Nono sorry, I meant that if you managed to SR them with good stats, I wasn't asking you to do that for me lol. Since this is a different gen maybe the RNG works differently than in fifth gen, so maybe that means that when SRing you usually get worse stats or something. My question, in summary is: Is it possible to SR a good lugia in the game?
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