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  • Hey,
    can you do me a favor? I wont ask you for another again ;)
    Can I give you my Cobalion from w1, so that you transfer it to my w2?
    That sounds cool, but I currently dont have time for that, I have so much shit going on at the moment.
    Ill participate as well. did you do the last tournament? i was disqualified for no reason, so i didnt get the custap berry -.-
    yes, i can give it to you on fifth, i though fourth gen wouldnt be a problem for you. ill be there in two mintes
    Listen to ys cry, it TOTALLY sounds like the cry from a bird and so not from a dragon, meaning hes a flying type. then also look at his back, it has fur like a bird and its dark all over the place, so i think its also a dark type
    i know how you feel, you might think a bigger screen doesnt make a big difference, but it actually does. I dont think nintendo is that stupid that they make the graphics look that bad. I really dont see a difference graphic wise when i use my w2 on a 3ds xl, but maybe i just got used to it.
    I dont need that infernape, but thx for offering it anyway.
    I want these PKMN:
    Ninetales (drought) - Modest 136 HP/252 SPA/120 SPD 31/29/5/31/25/31
    Zoroark - Timid 4/252/252 13/4/22/31/27/31 Memento (egg move)
    Manectric - Timid 4/252/252 31 in SPA and SPD (too lazy to calculate) HP Dragon 64
    id buy a 3ds xl if i were you, it makes a VERY BIG difference. My friend has a 3ds and he is selling it for a 3ds xl.
    if i were u, id just pay 8 dollars per month for a 3ds xl. thats what i do.
    i agree with you on th stats.
    my friend and i, we both think that the y is dragon or flying for sure. since the x is blue, it could be water/steel maybe part grass (just cause its in the woods, so not very likely) or psychic.
    the thing is that y is red, so its either part dragon or part fire. if its fire, it woul dhave to be fire and flying. if its dragon it could be also fire/psychic/dark
    Lol, I fell in love with x legend, its even my background now :)
    i always disliked most pkmn from a new generation, until i got used to them.
    the dragon era doesnt have to be finished, I mean that y legend looks like dragon. the male character just has longer hair. do you own a 3ds?
    ah ok, did you see that trailer?
    of course you did. how do you like the legendary that is in the woods? do you have a 3ds?
    yeah the second one was way better, cause 28 equals the second best possible stat at lv50.
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