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  • Hey, I got moxie Gyarados and a new great cresselia, check them out. what about kyurems IVs?
    Awesome, go ahead do it, but dont expect anyone to want any of your non-flawless pkmn :) only 2 people I think ever posted in mine so...
    how do you clone? i need to know.
    Ah okay. Yeah, the code in your sig is for Black. Good thing I didn't enter it yet (Kinda distracted, but not busy)
    Oh sure. And yeah, add my Black 2 code. I'll add the one in your sig and get on immediately.
    Sure, go for it. I'm not picky. Sorry I didn't notice this immediately. So can you trade soon?
    Back from stuff.

    See, the problem here is... I have everything from the national dex too. And every currently-possible ability breeder. So just pick one thing and give it a nickname. Surprise me.
    Hah, Weak Armor Onix. It's so silly. Though I guess Sheer Force Steelix is pretty cool. I can whip one up in a bit.

    As for what I want? Well... I've already got everything I want at the moment so just get me something with a nickname. Something outside the BW2 Unovadex is a bonus, I like having some variety in my boxfillers.
    Can you do it for free. I'll try to pay you any of my pokemon in my PC box. My friend code is 4943 3248 2934 I'll check on you every two days to see how it's going. I thank you for all you are doing helping me.
    Thanks for you caring about that. The thing is that im not interested in sr ubers... Also if i will use a rayquaza in a battle, id only use my shiny rayquaza anyway ;)
    Are you interested in any of the pkmn i want to sr?
    i thought you didnt want kyogre anymore? also i dont sr ubers atm, so you dont have to give me that groudon.
    ok great. i really dont know when ill sr kyurem, since i have to sr landorus, virizion, cobalion, terrakion, latias and maybe thundurus and boreos first...
    ill just give you victini or something else for that kyurem. but i will sr a physical kyurem for sure, as long as black kyurem stays ou.
    Ok, so well just trade kyogre for either mesprit or kyurem. id like to know kyurems Ivs.
    take your time checking them, i know your busy at the moment.
    mhh thats unfortunate i was looking forward to trading those bred pkmn of yours, but at least you have some legendaries left that we can trade.
    Thx, but I realized that it doesnt have it dw abiltiy and i wanted a naive moxie salamence. at least i already got the female dw mother with 31 in atk. also, you gave me some bagons that had better ivs than that salamence, do you want them back?
    whats with that flawless ditto, do you always use it for breeding?
    oh and thanks for those bagons :)
    did you get a good one after all? if so, how bout i give you kyogre for it? ill start sring later today, ill aim for a timid one with 30 or 31 in speed.
    dont be sorry. yeah ill let you know then for sure and ill also let you know when ill be able to clone victini and jirachi then.
    Ill give you what i get for them. its not like ill trade them 20 times. im in the club in 30 secs. can you give me the updated version of zapdos, once your schedule is clear again?
    Sorry I didnt know you couldnt see the link. Zapdos has 52Hp, 182 spa, 24 sdef, 252 speed hidden power ice is 62 and IVs are: 27/31/29/23/19/24
    I really dont care, when youll make an account.
    Omg you fucking catched latias in a premier ball.
    One question. can i trade your pkmn. if i can id give you every pkmn i get in return for them, if im allowed to trade them. you can trade mine, even if i cant trade yours.
    lol i was gonna ask you wether i should clone the others for you... ill hurry it up
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