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  • Really?! How long did it take? I have many shellos' I'll be happy to give you one. How about 9:40 PM EST sound ok?
    Awesome, just let me know what you got then :)
    So youll get Bagon and Jirachi next time we trade and you can keep the Jirachi you already have.
    Oh and the thing is that Gothorita cant be female, so it has to be sred. It has shadow tag, its so awesome :)
    Oh and you should aim for a timid nature, cause its one of the best PKMN that can have a choice scarf or choicespecs, cause you know, your opponent cant switch out, meaning its not that big of a deal, if you can only use one attack. Its almost a little unfair :)
    The passowrd is: PGLPK15G
    The only PKMN I wanted from you was that Mesprit. Oh and I can give you that Jirachi now. The only PKMN I got for your PKMN were a DW female Gible and Bagon. I didnt tell you that, cause I didnt think you wanted them and I was planning to breed a good Salamence and Garchomp anyway... But you can have them of course.
    Do you have PKMN you bred without using that Ditto? Like PKMN that have their DW ability?
    please tell me that you didnt get the gothorita yet. cause its one of the best pkmn and you can only get it by soft resetting at the moment, so if you feel like soft resetting, you should sr gothorita
    You once gave me Zorua I think the OT is Kevin 43518... Do you remember wether you used that Ditto as a parent?
    In case you dont wanna visit a mental hospital, you can just take my Terrakion.
    And yeah, I REALLY wouldnt keep the one you got!
    6pm or 8pm EST sounds about right for me today but I'm going to be on my phone at six so I need your friend code so we can trade.
    Lets go over the list of what you have to do.
    You have to do these things:
    1. EV train my Shellos/Gastrodon in this spread 252 HP/252 SpD/4 SpA
    2. Teach it these moves earth power, ice beam, muddy water,and recover

    If you do this task I will give you a piplup. If you agree respond back to me at 10:00 PM EST sharp. My friend code is 4943 3248 2934
    You can only have landOrus in its t form, by having the game and for that you need a 3ds...
    Just to let you know, a modest heatran wont do that more damage, since metagross dies from a flamethrower anyway and none of the dragons die from a single dragon pulse, even if its modest.
    Dude I going to need you to EV train my gastrodon very quick. I've been in many situations where my gastrodon would come in handy. PM me as soon as possible.
    I suggest you to complete your pokedex, youll get two items, one will increase the chance of getting a shiny pkmn by 300 percent and the othe one will make the day care guy find eggs more quickly
    man, i was looking forward to clone my cherish ball pkmn :(
    sure, well trade whenever your ready. Your in a band? I just got caught, for downloading an episode of the walkind dead -.-
    so, i got that jolly jirachi now. i just need that other jirachi back, so that i can clone it too. il give it back to you then.
    I'm ready to trade anytime. I breeded a piplup for you so now I have held up my end of the deal.
    Cresselia, Female
    Lv.68 UT
    Calm, Levitate
    HP Fighting (61), Icy Wind, Magic Coat

    That Gyarados is from a friend of mine. He thought it sucks, because its IVs arent as good as those of my scraggy lol. I told him they were great too.

    Not really interested in Kyurem, but in Mesprit. Do you have a PKMN that you bred without that Ditto?
    Magikarp, Female
    Lv.1 UT or Gyarados Lv.50: 252 Atk/6 Def/252 Spe
    Jolly, Moxie
    Rain - 21949
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